1 July 2015

Good Golly....it's Holly!

Marvel at the shiny, silk feel of holly made from vintage neck ties.  Hang them, large or small to deck your halls or tree!  Sneak a few into your stockings for little gifts.  You will never look at ties the same again, I promise!  Make a holly garland for some extra holiday merriment, purchase the PDF pattern here 

NB:  Ornaments are made from the smaller end of the tie.  Garland is made from the large end!

To Make Mini Holly Ornaments

You will need:  

Variety of mens neck ties (similar widths) 
Co-coordinating buttons (red/green)
Thin gold cord for hanging
Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies

How to Make them:

1.  The holly is made from the smaller end of the ties.  Have a play and pick two that contrast with each other, for example light and dark colors, print and stripes.  Refer to the photo above and place one tie end on top of the other approximately 4 to 4.5 cm (1 1/2-1 3/4") from the  point of the lower tie.

2.  Fold the upper tie behind the lower tie and pin, as shown below.  This will give you the "holly" shape.

3.  Cut the upper tie edge so it is neat with the longer side of the lower tie and cut the lower tie edge to be concealed inside the upper tie.  Refer to photo below.  Machine stitch in a square as shown.

3.  Your sweet little holly is nearly complete!  Stitch on your buttons.  Mine either have one larger button or three smaller buttons attached.


You will need:  

Ties as for mini ornaments - we are using the large end of the ties for the garland holly.
Large buttons
Length of pretty ribbon (mine was 180cm (70 1/2") long

How to make it:

1.  Follow the steps for the mini holly, but use the large end of the ties.  Add one larger button to the upper part of the holly.  

2.  Allowing a small length at the start and end of the ribbon for tying, space your holly evenly along the length of the ribbon and pin.  Hand stitch the holly firmly to the ribbon from the back of each one, not allowing your stitches to show at the front. (Mine are spaced 24.5cm (9 1/2") apart with 18cm (7") allowed at each end for tying).

Good golly...you have finished your holly!

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