6 May 2015

At The Moment......

I am sewing-

A lovely applique and pieced quilt with the theme of Love is... patient, loe is kind.  A well-known verse which I had in my wedding ceremony.  The quilt tells the story in pictures of being patient, kind, giving and how love is forever.  I must confess it has been a UFO (unfinished object) for about three years!  With the onset of cooler weather and no children in the house at the moment, lots of quilting time has been the order of the day!  I say to myself, I will not start another quilt until this one is finished!  

I an stitching a heartfelt verse on each of these oblong doilies, then making them into a sweet banner.  The tutorial will be on the blog shortly.  Lots more doiley projects to follow.  

 I am collecting -


Pretty tablecloths.  The blue beauty above has a favorite chicken scratch design.   Add to this a bundle of cute handmade dolls...mmm what will she do with these?  The little overalls and matching jumper would look great in a frame I think.  For some great ideas using vintage dolls clothes or to make your own, click the links below:

An adorable vintage Doll Suitcase by Hart and Sew
A dolls dress made from a vintage hankerchief by gracefaerie
A PDF pattern for a lovely peasant dolls dress by Bit of Whimsy Dolls on Etsy
Display your dolls clothes, ideas from Jenny B Allsorts
A great idea by Teresa Thompson


A bundle of beautiful brooches from days gone by.  I use these a lot in my craft work as feature "flowers" or to add a bit of sparkle to a design.  Some are just too gorgeous to use and I will keep them to wear.  See my tutorial "Flori-Art" canvas for a little piece of art that includes a vintage brooch.  I have a new collection of only two so far, vintage travel scarves.  I love the artwork on these and will use them in cushions. 

I am reading -



"Flow" magazine from the Netherlands.  Very inspiring, positive and full of gorgeous artwork that makes me smile.  I can sit and read it with a cuppa from front to back. 

On the bedside table is "Gang of Four" by Liz Byrski.  A wonderful chick lit read about four friends and how they travel the world at various stages of their lives, but manage to maintain the friendship and support each other through lots of ups and downs.  Our monthly book club read. 

and growing.  


Yellow trumpet flowers that meander around our weathered birdhouse.  It just keeps on flowering and flowering.  It is a joy to look at on dull days outside.  Lovely lavender in a bright, sunny spot and daisies which love a "haircut" and keep on flowering also. 

I have rejuvenated - 

A wall plaque which had rusted and faded.  It was really looking tired and came to life with a new coat of bright heritage red.  


I am thinking about - 


This year is the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day.  The Australian and New Zealand men and women who sacrificed their lives to fight in Gallipoli and gave us the freedom we now enjoy. Read more about ANZAC Day and the 5000 poppies appeal here.  Alongside the armed forces worked the volunteers of Red Cross who selflessly cared for the injured and bereft in their times of adversity.  Red Cross still supports those who are victims of natural disaster, violence and disadvantaged communities worldwide.