8 April 2015

Drops of Heaven Mobile


 Anything pretty scores big with me.  Right now, lots of lovely doilies are accumulating in my vintage hat box and it is a shame that they are not seen or admired!  Drops of Heaven can be made from any collected shape of prettiness from the past.  Add some delicate bling and you have a thing of genuine loveliness.  The finished product reminded of teardrops falling from above, hence the name "Drops of Heaven."  This is a very simple and easy project to make - enjoy! 

You Will Need:  

Assorted doileys or motifs in graduating sizes, for bases and centres
Fabric stiffener
Plastic Wrap 
Vintage Brooch
Diamante flower
Clear flower buttons
Flower braid and fabric roses 
Lengths white lace 
6" (15cm) length of pearl and chain for  hanger
6 x 3/8 " (10mm) silver jump rings
Glue Gun and glue sticks 
Fabric glue or Mod Podge fabric glue
Small pliers

How To Make It:

*  You will need to stiffen your doilies and lace first.  Lay some protective plastic on a flat surface.  Place the doilies on top.  Pour a good quantity of fabric stiffener into a palette then brush each doiley thoroughly covering all parts of the doiley surface.  You will need to keep brushing on the stiffener as the doiles do not absorb it easily.  They should look reasonably "wet" in all areas.  

* Turn over and repeat on the reverse side.  Let the doilies dry flat for at least 24 hours, turning over to allow thorough drying on both sides.  NB:  Some doilies may appear to "buckle" a little as they dry, particularly larger round ones, so place some plastic over them with a book on top for some of the drying time, removing it to allow some air to circulate.  The doilies and lace will stiffen as they dry.   

*  You may wish to layer a smaller doiley in the centre of a larger one.  You can use fabric glue or small amounts of hot glue to do this.  Refer to the pictures below.  

*  Add some bling and prettiness!  I have added individual fabric roses to the centre of the cream doiley with hot glue.  A pretty circle of trim is glued along the outer edge.   One diamente flower is all it takes to jazz up the pink doiley!   Tie the tassel to the base of the yellow doiley.  Remove the backing from the diamente brooch and hot glue to the centre of the larger doiley.  Glue a clear button to the lower edge of each of the  stiffened lace pieces. 

*  Refer to the first photograph and join the doilies from larger down to smaller using a jump ring through an opening in the bottom of one doiley and then the top of another.  Hang each piece of stiffened lace to either side of the larger doiley as shown in the first photograph, using this method. 

*  Make a loop of the pearls and chain with a jump ring as shown above.  This can be inserted through an opening at the upper edge of the large doiley to form a hanger.

Well done, you have made your own drops from heaven! 

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