25 March 2015

"Sew in Love" Hoop Art Tutorial

Make this little piece of wonderful to declare your love of sewing and all things to do with sewing! This is a great way to use up bits and bobs from your stash.  Make it in your own "style" using fabrics and embellishments of your choice.

You will need:

 8" x 15" (200mm x 380mm) oval embroidery hoop
Two contrasting fabrics (I have used wool)
Red felt for heart
Braid to trim heart 
Green felt for leaves
Felt of your choice for backing 
Fabric flower
Vintage buckle for flower centre
Round vintage buckle wrapped with fabric
1" wide ribbon
Tape measure trim 
Small zipper (approx 5" long or cut to this length)
Daisy motifs (cut from a length of daisy trim)
Green bow
Round vintage doiley
Small round crochet motif
Small card with 4 vintage buttons attached
Ribbon for hanger 
Thin ribbon in two colors for bow
Vintage tag or print on cardstock
Small piece of braid to trim card
Black Size 8 Perle thread
Fade-away marker 
Tracing paper
Heat and Bond Lite (optional)
Glue gun and glue sticks

How to make it: 

*  Trace the shape of your hoop onto the backing fabric with a fade-away marker or lightly with a pencil.  Cut the fabric out approximately one inch outside this line.  You may wish to fuse a piece of Heat and Bond to the back of the base fabric but this is optional.  

*  Cut a smaller oval from the contrast fabric.  It should be approximately 3/4" smaller than the base fabric.  Cut a half circle piece of the vintage doiley to fit inside the contrast oval.  Machine stitch to attach along the upper edge.  Pink the outside edge of the contrast oval including the doiley lower edge is oval and machine stitch to the centre of the base fabric.  

*  Trace and cut out the heart from red felt and the leaves from the green felt. 

*  Position on the upper left hand side and pin.  Cut a length of braid to fit along both straight edges.  Machine stitch the braid attaching the heart as you go along the straight edges only!  It will become a pocket so leave the curved edge open.

*  I have drawn the lettering freehand with a fade-away marker.  Stitch the lettering with black Perle thread and a back stitch.  

*  Position the fabric flower near the heart with the felt leaves tucked underneath and hand stitch to attach from the back.  

*  Pin and machine stitch the zipper to the right hand side leaving open at the top to hold your daisy "bouquet."

*  Machine stitch the vintage cardstock to cover the base of the zipper, adding a piece of braid to the upper edge as you stitch.

*  Hand stitch the crochet motif, daisies and bow to attach.  Very pretty, don't you think!

* Cut a 5" piece of ribbon and tape measure trim.  Cut points at one end.  Machine stitch the trim along the centre of the ribbon.  Wrap through the bar of the buckle and fold to the back.  Hold in place with small hand stitches.  Position the buckle and ribbon on the lower edge.  Refer to the photograph.  Hand stitch to hold in place from the back along the edge of the ribbon and around the buckle.  

*  Attach the vintage buckle to the centre of the fabric flower with two or three small stitches across the bar.   Tuck the button card into the heart pocket and attach with glue or secure with hand stitches worked through the cardboard, hidden inside the pocket. 

*  Place the assembled work over the inner hoop, ensuring it is in the centre.  Place the outer hoop over the top and tighten the screws.   

*  Trim the excess fabric and glue to the inside of the hoop.  Cut out an oval of felt for the backing, the exact size of the finished hoop.  Attach to the back of the hoop with small amounts of hot glue.  Add a small ribbon loop to the centre top edge for hanging 

*  Tie a bow around screw fastener using two colors of thin ribbon.  Are you sew in love?!

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