9 February 2015

The Secret Sewing Stash

I am a fossicker of all things vintage and love to sew my little heart out especially when I can use some golden oldies to embellish my projects.  I was in an opportunity shop recently and not looking for anything in particular.  It should be known that this store is quite large but I find very few bits of vintage-y goodness here.  I usually go home with one or two books to add to my reading list, an occasional doily or plate.  A bit ho-hum for the collector in me.

I have decided that fate had come into play this day, when I stumbled upon an upside down biscuit tin, thrown on top of a pile of unexciting crafty bits.  Turning it over, I had a smile of delight when on the front was a sweet little pic of a dog and cat apptly named "Ruff and Fluff."  Mmmm..lovely enough to take home to store goodies.  It felt rather full, not heavy but worth a shake and a look.  Opening the lid, you could imagine my surprise when (with no amount of expectation) I found it full of little bits of sewing wonderfullness of the nostalgic kind.  Oh my...thank you Mr Fate!

Delightful tapestry bag and Semco pattern with instructions, half finished, possibly from the 50's.  Would make a lovely accessory on a special night out. Why was it not finished?  Had the mystery sewing lady become too busy, lost interest, became ill?

Pretty bundle of embroidery thread, pinks, greens, yellow.....an organized sewer has meticulously created their own little thread cards, wound on the thread and then written on the number of each color?

Semco Novelty Set thread guide on the back of gorgeous crinoline lady picture, worthy of framing for my sewing room.  Is the novelty set finished and in use in mystery sewing ladies home!

Bundle of bobbins of the metal and plastic kind. Will be used for embellishment and maybe some sewing themed jewellery.  Did mystery sewing lady upgrade from a metal loving Singer to a fancy new Pfaff?

Semco design No.49 ? large doiley instruction sheet, ? also now finished and also in use protecting a grand oak tabletop.

Underneath the said lovely tin, I found a bundle of silky braids wrapped in plastic, in colors of pinks, crimson, green.  I could see enormous possibilities for this little bundle and I was ready to go with my stash.

Now here is where Mr Fate also helped out on the day.  Underneath the pile of unexciting craft bits were cubicles of assorted fabric.  Lots of dark colors, plain prints and others I could  think of no use for.  Ready to escape I was, with my lovely tin of goodies, when a glimpse of bright yellow caught my eye.  It was a large length of pure wool in perfect condition, never been cut, never been used!  In addition and to my delight,  I found an even larger length of pink wool.  Ecstatic, I was!  Mystery lady had obviously kept her fabric in good condition with moth balls!  Gorgeous for covering furniture, making of warm quilts for winter. There was a lot of fabric.  I gathered it all under my armpit and practically raced to the counter!

Mystery sewing lady can rest assured her goodies have found a good home and will be admired and used with love!

Have you ever found an unexpected bundle of sewing goodies in a unexpected place that made your heart sing?

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