24 February 2015

Little Bits of Wonderful!

Recent vintage finds from a group of vintage and thrift shops in a coastal Victorian holiday spot.  Hence my lack of posts on the blog and a marked increase in the amount of vintage goodies I have at home! 

My favorite way of justifying a vintage buy is to say "I can make something with that" or " that would look good in the sewing room, bedroom..." or "I have been looking for one of those for ages!"  "Those" can take on a variety of forms and is usually something I have had in my collectors mind for the past few months/weeks to acquire.  For me vintage is not an need, it is an absolute want, a luxury.  Yes, I have been on a "little shop" which has turned into a big haul of goodies to take home and have suffered the associated guilt of exceeding the said budget!  Anyway, these little bits of wonderful were my latest finds and are lovingly displayed or awaiting a crafty project to share with you, lovely readers. 


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    1. Thanks for your comment. It is nice to spoil yourself with some wonderful every day! x Wendy


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