14 December 2014

Lampshade Christmas Bells

You will need: 

3 lampshades of differing shapes and sizes
Acrylic paint -red, green, gold, white
Textile Medium
Thick cardboard
Circle stencil (make your own by cutting circle from template plastic) 
Glue gun/glue sticks
Red glitter glue
White glitter paint
Trims-bobble trim, sequin trim, lace, red bead trim, ric-rac, holly wreath 
Two large gold bells with ribbon & decorative trim
Three small bells
Flat gold cord for hanging -5-6 metres depending on height desired
Thin gold cording for hanging bells
Craft wire

Lots of merriment and joy while creating!

How to make them:  

*  Mix your chosen color of acrylic paint 1:1 with textile medium.  Paint your shades with at least two coats allowing a good drying time between coats.  (P.S.  My mini shade was already gold, so I did not have to paint it!)



*  Add polka dots using white paint.  When dry add glitter paint to each dot for sparkle!  
*  Glue on bobble trim 
* Make "loops"  of red bead trim by attaching to the inside of each corner with hot glue



*  Add one coat of red glitter glue all over the red shade and allow to dry. 
*  Glue on the sequin trim and ric-rac with a small gap in between.  Add your gorgeous lace to the top with small dots of glue, overlapping the ends slightly.  


*  Easy peasy!  Just glue your garland to the front.  

Inserting and hanging the bells 

*  Both the red and green shades have round metal holes to allow fittings on the inside.  See photo below.  You will need to cut two pieces of cardboard-one to fit this small circle and another larger one to fit the circle or opening at the top of the shade snuggly.  The green shade had a square top so I cut a square piece of cardboard to fit this opening.  

*  Make a hole with a pair of scissors in the centre of the small circle then glue this to the inside ring with hot glue.  

*  Smaller circle for fitting & larger circle to fit snuggly just inside top shade opening. 

* Cardboard circle glued to cover fitting

*  Tie a piece of thin gold cord to the gold bell.  Now hold up the shade with the bell hanging inside (with your other hand), adjusting the length of the cord until the bell shows below the shade and you are happy with the length.  Tie a knot in the cord where it will go through the cardboard circle and allow 15-20 cm or so to this length to allow for tying.  Cut the thin cord and tie the lower end to the bell as shown in the photograph below.   

*  Thread the top end of the cord through the small cardboard hole toward the top of the shade.  Tie a long length of the flat gold cord to the upper end of this cord to join (the flat cord seemed stronger for hanging).  NB:  I have hung my bells at different lengths from three hooks, so cut the flat cord accordingly.

*   Pierce a hole in the centre of the larger cardboard circle (or square ) and gently fit to the inside of the upper rim of the shade.  Hot glue at intervals around the edge to hold in place. 

*  Tie a knot so that the flat cord is taut inside the shade and thread the remaining length through the hole. Add some hot glue to your knots for extra strength.  

Looking down into shade.

Cut cardboard to fit top of shade and insert hanging cord through

*  The smaller gold shade had a metal "ring" like fitting inside (see below).  I tied the two rings  together with a small piece of craft wire and hung my small bells on thin cord to the lower wire and the flat cord for hanging, from the upper wire. 


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! 


  1. Wow you are so clever and crafty, they look so awesome. Perfect for little elves play area we've got going on at the moment. I know some girls who would love these. Thanks for sharing. xx

  2. Hi Nanny, they were great fun to make and I will be making some more with a different theme soon. I would love to see a photo of your little elves play area!

  3. So cute! They are gorgeous well done x Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thanks Bel. Lots more designs coming next year. One of my favorite projects so far. x Wendy

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Laura. Stay tune for more drab to fab ideas! Glad you liked them.


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