14 October 2014

"It's a Spring Thing" Vintage Challenge

Do you have a desire for pretty?  Being the only female in a household of men makes this a frequent desire for me.  I am thinking a small dose of flowers, soft color and girly things is required at the moment to celebrate spring...and just because!  This vintage challenge had me searching high and low for a dose of "pretty" for the house and my craft projects.  Fossicking is what I love, sometimes with no real plan but the odd vintage challenge keeps a bit of focus on the task and  prevents me bringing home a car boot of everything!    Here are the contents of my shopping bag lovely readers plus a snapshot of my garden at its prettiest!  

 Miss Mammy string holder straight from the 1950's as per the $12.00 price tag!  She makes me smile every time I look at her.  The string is still intact and she has a little loop for hanging.  Loved this $6.00 floral basket with crochet edges.  You can never have too much storage in your craft room so this will be filled in no time.

 A gorgeous heart photo holder but I can find a hundred other uses for this.  See the photo further on in this post.  Very sweet and a bargain at $6.00.  

OMG!  I saw this 1960's felt school girls hat hat hanging on the wall in my favorite vintage shop, a little covered in dust and for $15.00, I just had to rescue it!  It looked like it had been there for a while.  It has wire in the brim to maintain the shape.  Can you imagine a little girl in uniform heading off to school with this perched on her head, carrying a leather satchel and wearing patent leather shoes? 

 Beautiful crystal salad servers, a steal at $4.00.  

A handful of vintage gloves in pretty lace and embroidered white and pink nylon, some with pearl buttons.  Does it get any prettier?!  

I wasn't sure what these little crochet beauties were, but after much thought and deliberation I have decided they are blind pulls!  
Tiny crochet gloves for tiny hands and a little boys clip on silk tie, gorgeous.  

A doiley selection 

 What can you do with a wire heart hanger?  

Hey Barbie!  I think these outfits would look cute in a frames.  Love the cherry print and belt.    


  1. I am a big fan of vintage :) and always hanging out in junk shops looking for the ultimate piece. Love this post.

    1. Thanks Gayel. Glad you liked the post. I love it when I find a whole pile of goodies unexpectedly like the group of gloves in the pic. They were hidden in a basket in a glass cabinet. Just what I was looking for!


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