11 October 2014

Boutique Button Pins

Create a little pin with a vintage touch.  Use up the most beautiful parts of an otherwise damaged doiley and cover a large button, add some felt petals and some bling.  Voila!  A pretty boutique pin.

 You will need:  

Adobe Reader to view and download pattern sheet.  Click here to download and select "print at actual size" on your printer options, or your flower will be too small!.
Covered button kits with tools: 1 7/8" wide (no shank)
Offcuts of doileys
Iron on light weight interfacing 
Felt squares in  bright colours
Green felt
Perle No.8 thread to co-ordinate with felt
Tulle in a variety of colours
Diamentes in various sizes
Small ribbon bows
Diamente flowers
Template plastic and permanent marker
Mod Podge fabric glue
Glue gun and glue sticks
Pinking shears

 How to make it:

1.  Choose the design area from your doiley piece and ensure it fits the button. My buttons came with metal tops and backs, a rubber holder and plastic "plunger" to push the metal backs onto the buttons. 

2.  Iron a small square of interfacing onto the back of the embroidered design to protect the embroidery.  
NB:  If instructions are supplied in your button kit, use them to assemble the metal button top and fabric.  Otherwise, follow my instructions below:-

3.  Place the metal button on top of the interfacing an trace around the button with a pencil.  Cut out the circle at least 1cm outside the drawn line to allow some fabric for turning.(See below).  

4.  After inserting fabric and button top into plastic holder, trim fabric to 6mm (1/4") around the circle.

5.  Add metal back to the button with the rubber "plunger" to firmly press the back onto the button top, enclosing the fabric edges.

My pretties!

6. Trace the flower, felt leaf and tulle leaf design from the pattern sheet onto the template plastic using permanent marker.
Trace around the flower template onto felt and cut out two pieces for each felt flower. Cut out one green felt leaf for each flower.  Cut out one contrasting felt circle with pinking shears for each flower.

7.  Pin the two felt pieces together with a green leaf tucked in between the two on the right hand side of the flower.  Blanket stitch with coordinating thread around the edge.  You will need to turn the leaf over and blanket stitch behind it to finish off as your stitches will not be seen on the back (see below).

8. To make your tulle leaves, place the plastic template onto the tulle and lightly trace around the edges.  Cut out with pinking shears.  Follow the pics below to make a tulle leaf.  Sweet aren't they?

9.  Using a hot glue gun, tuck and glue your tulle leaf under the felt circle as shown.  Apply a fine line of hot glue around the lower edge of the covered button and press firmly onto the centre of the flower (shown above).

10.  Hand sew a brooch pin to the back.

11.  Get ready to decorate!

  Forget the brooch pin and just glue your bouquet flowers to a pretty spring basket.  

Flower-fy a summer hat!-

Packaged with a Heartworkz gift card ready for Christmas!


  1. Great tutorial! A fab way to use up any old damaged doilys, they look great on the hat!

    1. Thanks Nic. They are pretty versatile little decorations. Glad you liked the tutorial. x Wendy


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