25 September 2014

P-inspiration - September

 My oh my...how the year does fly!  I have been making the most of some gorgeous Spring days by planting and planting, making new garden beds, stitching and thinking of Christmas.  I am one of those weird people who like to be prepared in advance!  I have a lovely vintage wall-hanging for you to make coming up soon. Think lots of braid, buttons, crochet and yes, more doilies!  Truly, it is sweet so wait and see.   Being in a floral frame of mind I have made some gorgeous button flower pins which will be in my next post.  You can never have TOO many flowers, can you?  These would make lovely gifts and are super easy to make.

I have found some lovely pins this month from some very talented people.  So, take a look, be inspired and share the love!  Find lots more inspiration on my Pinterest boards here.

Have a heart wreath by the wonderfully talented Amy Powers, of Inspire Co.

By goodknits.com

This is the simplest and easiest "craft recipe" I have seen.   Just a wire coat hanger and some colorful balls of yarn make up this colorful heart which would brighten up any room.  A gorgeous example of a different wreath shape.

I am definitely in love with this larger than life Valentine holder from April 1930's.  I think it is so versatile and you can see versions in different fabrics on her blog here.   Additionally, and without a doubt are the gorgeous little fabric envelopes for messages to tuck into the pocket, designed for the romantic in us all!

Heart Tree by Bee Kay
 Hang spring rose hearts amongst the trees for a garden party.  I would love to try a smaller version as a door wreath for spring.   Artificial roses would make a last forever, beautiful decoration. 

Pretty in pink for icing, from sweet and saucy.  This is a wonderful idea if you like to get your hands a little messy with clay, using a doiley as a pattern maker. A bowl of mini hearts would make a cute gift in a crystal bowl for a guest. 

I love this naive looking heart collage by What Katy Did Next. UK.  There is nothing more satisfying than making something from a whole lot of bits and pieces and to have it turn out as a beautiful piece of art. 

Be INspired x
Please credit all artists for these works by linking to their sites. 

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