10 September 2014


You will need:

Delightful doilies with a round shape and crochet edging
Pretty ribbon
Hobbyfill or polyester stuffing
Medium weight iron-on interfacing (for very soft fabrics)
Fade-away marker/ruler
Sewing supplies 

How to make them: 

1.  Choose your doilies.  I like to pick those that have unusual shaped edges so they will add some interest to the shape of your flutterby.     If you have a doiley which is totally crochet or is made from very soft fabric you will need to first back it with a piece of iron on interfacing cut to the shape and size of the doiley. 

2.  Fold your doiley in half and pin.  Divide up the shape using the marker and a ruler.  These are our stitching lines and will form the "wings" of the flutterby once stuffed. 

3.  Machine stitch on the drawn lines stopping at the edge of the linen or fabric -leave the crochet edge free.  

4.  Place small pieces of Hobbyfill inside each of the pockets.  Use a wooden skewer to get into the pointy parts.  You will need just enough stuffing to give them firmness but not too much so you cannot stitch them closed!  

 5.  Pin the edges together and stitch close to the crochet edge, removing pins as you go. 

6.  Stitch pretty ribbon bows by hand to the top of each flutterby.  Voila! 

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