25 September 2014

P-inspiration - September

 My oh my...how the year does fly!  I have been making the most of some gorgeous Spring days by planting and planting, making new garden beds, stitching and thinking of Christmas.  I am one of those weird people who like to be prepared in advance!  I have a lovely vintage wall-hanging for you to make coming up soon. Think lots of braid, buttons, crochet and yes, more doilies!  Truly, it is sweet so wait and see.   Being in a floral frame of mind I have made some gorgeous button flower pins which will be in my next post.  You can never have TOO many flowers, can you?  These would make lovely gifts and are super easy to make.

I have found some lovely pins this month from some very talented people.  So, take a look, be inspired and share the love!  Find lots more inspiration on my Pinterest boards here.

Have a heart wreath by the wonderfully talented Amy Powers, of Inspire Co.

By goodknits.com

This is the simplest and easiest "craft recipe" I have seen.   Just a wire coat hanger and some colorful balls of yarn make up this colorful heart which would brighten up any room.  A gorgeous example of a different wreath shape.

I am definitely in love with this larger than life Valentine holder from April 1930's.  I think it is so versatile and you can see versions in different fabrics on her blog here.   Additionally, and without a doubt are the gorgeous little fabric envelopes for messages to tuck into the pocket, designed for the romantic in us all!

Heart Tree by Bee Kay
 Hang spring rose hearts amongst the trees for a garden party.  I would love to try a smaller version as a door wreath for spring.   Artificial roses would make a last forever, beautiful decoration. 

Pretty in pink for icing, from sweet and saucy.  This is a wonderful idea if you like to get your hands a little messy with clay, using a doiley as a pattern maker. A bowl of mini hearts would make a cute gift in a crystal bowl for a guest. 

I love this naive looking heart collage by What Katy Did Next. UK.  There is nothing more satisfying than making something from a whole lot of bits and pieces and to have it turn out as a beautiful piece of art. 

Be INspired x
Please credit all artists for these works by linking to their sites. 

14 September 2014

Theme it! 12 New Ideas for Unique Sewing & Craft Groups!

 Hello lovely readers,

I have been pondering a lot of late.  My youngest is getting ready to leave the nest and I have been thinking of new directions and new starts in life.  I have been a member of craft and sewing groups in the past of which many an hour was enjoyed, but alas study and work commitments got in the way of spending more time at these gatherings.  I am thinking that maybe it is time to seek out a group of fellow crafts people again to enliven that feeling of togetherness mingled with craft.  Most groups in my area are already themed as craft for charity, quilting or stitch and sew, welcoming to new members eagerly.  I thought to myself what other themes could elevate a sewing or craft group to new heights?  Do actual specialized groups exist within the already established sewing or quilting groups?  Maybe a monthly "themed" gathering would cater for specific needs of members.  Here are my ideas for a rejuvenated craft or sewing gathering!  

1.  Sh-Operation Craft:  Members can use only items from opportunity or thrift shops in their craft.  Experiment with up-cycling something old into something new!  You are being "green" crafters at the same time!

2.  Fix-it Sessions:  Use your expertise to help fellow members with a difficult project.  Make it a goal to help each other finish a "too hard" project by the end of the month.  Learn something new at the same time.

3.  Decor Makes:  Specialize in crafting lampshades, cushions, quilts and table linen. Have a handmade decor display at your next local show.

4.  Hello Dolly:  The name says it all.  Make a different type of doll each month.  Practice different techniques for facial features or hair styles.

5.  Doiley Devotees:  One close to my heart.  There are I'm sure, collectors of these little pieces of charming work out there. Make projects or gifts that enhance their beautiful handwork. Coming soon:  Doiley Daisy Pin tutorial!  

My Flutterbies tutorial

 6.   Passion for Fashion:  For dressmaking fans.  Each member could review a new dress pattern each month.  Have a glitter and glam fashion parade of your handmade fashions at the end of the year.  Vote for the easiest dress pattern, the best stretch pattern, the cutest kids fashion. 

Credit: studio7designs 2013 from Artfire

7.  Picture Perfect:  Using image transfers in your art.  Any project can become more personalized with a favorite image. Share ideas or experiment with transferring not just to fabric but to other surfaces also.

8. Label Makers:  Creative souls with lots of new ideas for quilt and craft labels.

9.  Go Retro!:  Be groovy baby and revisit crafts from the 60's and 70's.  I'm thinking tie-dyeing, macrame, rug hooking.  M mm, nice.

From doyoulovewhereyoulive.com

10.  It's Showtime!:  Make up projects from kits you have bought at recent craft and quilt shows.  Have a show and tell session and review kits and instructions with other members of the group. 

11.  Alphabet Sisters:  For those who love the written word or lettering and like to re-create them as stitcheries or applique. Try monograms, alphabets or poetry.  Create your own font and stitch it! 

12.  Sew Special Occasions:  Make gifts for birthdays, weddings and xmas.  Create a stockpile and have a trading table at a local event. 

 Have you chosen to specialize within your craft group or have you started a group with a unique theme?  I would love to hear about them. 

1 September 2014

P-inspiration - August

Pinterest is another passion of mine.  It is like having a virtual, giant scrapbook of my favorite pictures and ideas with new ideas at your fingertips. How spoilt are we for tutorials and inspiration.  I thought I would share a few monthly favorite Pinterest picks from my boards.  I hope they inspire you to try something new with a heartfelt theme.  Valentines Day does not have to be the only day for sharing the love!  Feel free to share the love back and show me what you have made!
Constanza Berger inspired by By Pam Garrison
Delicious, de-lovely giant heart with lots of texture and embellishment.  Especially love the beading and little pieces of jewellery.  A wonderful way to use your bits and bobs in one project and then give as a gift to a friend. 

By A  Pinch of Prim

I fell in love with these little ones in paperclay immediately!  Who can resist the striped leggings and heart balloons!

Tutorial from Mummy Hip Mamas 

I am a big fan of using different materials ( how many times do I have to say that?!) , some blossom twigs with lovely glitter hearts.  Make a love themed mantle display with hugs and kisses in glitter too. Try some scrunched up pink tulle on the mantle as a base for this display. 

Confetti Hearts by useyourcolouredpencils.blogspot.com

I saw this and said WOW!  It was made by children in grade 2/3 using tissue paper and an oil pastel heart.  It looks like modern art not children's art.  Gorgeous combination of colors. This would look great in any room. 

from Katy Did
I thought these were tiny greeting cards with a gorgeous felt heart and message on them, however with further research I discovered they are felt bracelets mounted on  a sweet card!  I think they would make lovely place-cards for a wedding using a nice font, a Valentines dinner or as they are.

By Paulette Racanelli on Etsy

 I am thinking birds, bees flowers and trees at the moment with Spring nearly here!  Loved this little blue bird with string of hearts.  Sometimes you just need some cuteness in your life! 

By hoitytoity designs on Etsy 

Made using vintage tin and jewellery.  I love a bit of bling!  I think this would look great out of heavy card stock, foam core board covered with vintage paper or newspaper or even fabric.

I hope you have enjoyed this dose of  heartfelt inspiration.  Don't forget to attribute the designers of these sweet hearts as your inspiration if you make and photograph them for yourself. 

x  Wendy