26 August 2014

Flutterbies and Rainbows

 What is a flutterby?  A delicious darling of a doiley made into a butterfly.  A delicate delight that is hung amongst a rainbow of pretty ribbons and braid.  That is my definition, dear reader.  I cannot keep my  hands off these lovely hand worked pieces of yesteryear.  I find them shoved at the bottom of drawers in vintage shops,  in piles or bags and take home the most attractive of pieces with no idea of what I might make.  I have however, found I am very productive at the moment with a spurt of sunny weather and the promise of a colorful spring in the garden.  I cannot help thinking of flowers, rainbows and flutterbies!  The flutterby sticks were quick and easy to make and are attached to painted dowel for a floral, flapping display like no other.  Once you make a flutterby, they can be used as little door hangers, a mobile of flutterbies using a vintage coat hanger - use your imagination and think of other ways to use these flutterby delights.  Enjoy my ode to spring! 

How to make a flutterby coming soon!

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