7 August 2014

Flori-Art Canvas

Hello lovely readers,

I wanted the pictures to do the talking this week.  Follow the images to see how I transformed a Plain Jane canvas into a pretty work of heart.

 Mmmm, yes very plain you would have to agree.  

 Find some pretty vintage fabric and a matching doiley.


 A bundle of fabric flowers, ribbon and costume jewellery rescued from the bits and pieces drawer. 
 Two pretty flower motifs.

Larger pieces were added first. 

 A charm square gathered for the wrapping. 

The smallest florals were added, then the flower bundle was wrapped in red.  

 A label stitched with sentiments.

Added to a vintage bow.  You can never have too much glitter - diamante flowers were required to make it sparkle!  

A pretty bow to hang. 


 Copyright: Heartworkz 2014


  1. Wendy, I love it!! Too cute. I'm excited to be following you on Google + now:)


    1. Hi Katie, thanks so much for your comment. It was so much fun to make this using a collection of bits and pieces I have had tucked away for ages. I will be making more in different colorways soon. I am following you on bloglovin too! It is a dream of mine to visit some flea markets and yard sales in the US one day and ship all of my goodies home! x Wendy

  2. That is so gorgeous! As a florist by trade I like it even more :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Nic. So glad you liked it. I like to use lots of texture if I can in my art work, so I was in my element with a bit of sewing, glueing and lots of pretty bits!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Naomi, Thanks so much for your comment. x Wendy

  4. These are so pretty! and such a good crafty thing to to. Love them! I also totally love that saying.. take time to stop and smell the flowers. It's basically the whole premise of my blog! It's all about the little things.
    bec x

    1. Hi Bec,

      I Thanks for your comment. I will pop over and see your blog.
      x Wendy

  5. How pretty, Wendy! Your creations are all so lovely. This would make a sweet gift.

    1. Hello Brandi,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I will be making some more of these in the future, especially now spring is in the air here in Australia! xWendy


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