26 August 2014

Flutterbies and Rainbows

 What is a flutterby?  A delicious darling of a doiley made into a butterfly.  A delicate delight that is hung amongst a rainbow of pretty ribbons and braid.  That is my definition, dear reader.  I cannot keep my  hands off these lovely hand worked pieces of yesteryear.  I find them shoved at the bottom of drawers in vintage shops,  in piles or bags and take home the most attractive of pieces with no idea of what I might make.  I have however, found I am very productive at the moment with a spurt of sunny weather and the promise of a colorful spring in the garden.  I cannot help thinking of flowers, rainbows and flutterbies!  The flutterby sticks were quick and easy to make and are attached to painted dowel for a floral, flapping display like no other.  Once you make a flutterby, they can be used as little door hangers, a mobile of flutterbies using a vintage coat hanger - use your imagination and think of other ways to use these flutterby delights.  Enjoy my ode to spring! 

How to make a flutterby coming soon!

12 August 2014

Op Shop Review

Location:   Ireland Street, Bright.  Vic 3741


Welcome to my first op shop review.  As you know I have a penchant for fossicking and collecting all things vintage.  We manage to find an opportunity or thrift shop pretty much everywhere we go!  Some have the "wow" factor and there is a certain atmosphere as you walk in that may be friendly, cosy, organized etc.  Some are overwhelmingly full of vintage items in boxes and bags and it is impossible to find anything and you literally get lost in the store!    

We had a lovely weekend in Bright in the Alpine country of northern Victoria, very close to the ski fields of Mt Buffalo and Mt Hotham.  Gloriously pretty and picturesque at all times of the year, this was a weekend for just the two of us, my honey and myself without any children along.  (The boys would tell you that they have already been to every op shop or antique shop in Victoria!)  I was so impressed with this shop and wanted to share it's unique character with you lovely reader.

Shop special qualities: 

Wonderful window display, eye catching in a theme that suits the season and the town location near the ski slopes.  Gorgeous shop dummies in their ski gear with falling snowflakes make you want to peek and see what is inside! Bright blue interior of the shop is cosy and welcoming. This shop has a lot of stock in three rooms but is very organized, a credit to the staff.  Glass cases hold more valuable items.  A trash and treasure sale is held at the rear of the shop to sell excess stock.Very friendly volunteers manage  sales in the shop.  There is a larger shop affiliated with this on the same street which sells larger items such as furniture and home wares. 

Most popular items:  

Clothing.  I noticed some gorgeous wool coats, scarves and hats while I was there.  Take note of Miss Model and her fur collar!  Straight from the 60's, she takes pride of place in the store! Lots of kiddies clothing too.  I noticed a lot of sewing patterns, fabric, bric-a-brac and some pretty jewellery.   

What I bought:  

Soft, cream pure wool blanket and buckles for some vintage projects.  Vintage braid and ric rac from Czechoslovakia and Hungary!  Hubby bought vintage LP records.  I didn't see him for at least half and hour!


Both shops are run by a dedicated group of more than 60 volunteers.  Most people develop good relationships with their fellow workmates and like to work together.   

Thank-you ladies for allowing me to photograph your shop!


7 August 2014

Flori-Art Canvas

Hello lovely readers,

I wanted the pictures to do the talking this week.  Follow the images to see how I transformed a Plain Jane canvas into a pretty work of heart.

 Mmmm, yes very plain you would have to agree.