19 July 2014

Quilt Labels: Revisited.

Quilters spend hours producing a spectacular finished product, however labels can be run of the mill, a quick print and stitch to add sentiments and making details for the recipient.  Being a rebel of sorts, I decided that the time had come to rejuvenate my label selection, adding a bit of creative spark to the rear of my quilts!  Labels should be seen and admired.  

These designs are printable patterns available as a free PDF below.  You will need Adobe Reader or Acrobat to access this file.  I choose to add my labels usually after quilting by hand-stitching but this is a personal choice.  You can fuse to the quilt back before making up your quilt sandwich and allow the label to be attached by the overall quilting process. 

There are no boundaries for shape, color, fabric and embellishment.  You can match the theme of the quilt with an appropriate label.  How about a paper doll pink one for a girls quilt?  I have made mine out of felt.  If you choose to use felt, make sure it is sure it is colorfast and washable.  Fold the felt three or four times aligning the arms with the folds of the felt on each side.  Pin the pattern piece to the front, cut out and unfold.  Add your stitching.

Fancy florals?  This one was made by fusing the pattern pieces to two fabrics for the flower and centre.  Blanket stitch around the edges, not forgetting the two leaves tucked underneath.

I am a mad button woman and made this little addition for maybe a sewing theme quilt or any one who just  loves buttons!   

Make mine vintage!  Use a vintage doiley cut in half with the raw edge tucked under the binding as you stitch.  Adhere to the backing further with two small buttons either side. 

Another button, only very large (mine is 1 7/8", make sure it has a shank attachment)!  I cut out a large circle of fabric x 2 (two layers hides the threads at the back when stretched over the button)!  Draw around the button on to the fabric with fade-away marker.  Add your stitching.  Cover your button as directed.  Add some contrasting ric- rac to the back with small stitches.  Add a folded ribbon "tail" underneath.  Place on your crochet doiley and stitch in place. 

This Heartworkz label was a joy to create especially for you and is designed to print onto inkjet fabric sheets.  Stitch in the details after printing.  Have a look at my tutorial on how to print using this medium.   

If you have any other ideas for cute, need to be seen labels post me a pic or comment.


  1. Beautiful work. Love your vintage look.

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Thanks so much for your comment. They were lots of fun to make!

  2. I love that "just for you" flower, looks lovely i like the how the leaves have even been done. too clever :) Thank you for sharing with us again for Sunday Brunch xx

    1. Thanks Bel. The flower label can be enlarged to whatever size you want and you could even do a little "bunch" on the back of the quilt with a message on each flower centre. x Wendy

  3. These are all just so gorgeous, love the intricate detail. I agree, labels should be just as special and significant as the product itself!

  4. It's true, the messages can be very heartfelt and add something special to a quilt gift. I am a wear your heart on your sleeve gal so I put some of it on my labels!


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