15 July 2014

Motivation Station!



I have had issues lately with motivation and procrastination.  It is a definite diagnosis of which I don't know the cause.  Is it winter's short days, am I more energetic and motivated on sunny days?  Probably.  I don't have a set routine each day being a shift worker for twenty five years.  Allowances have to be made for the extra sleep I need, it's a fact I am not getting any younger!  Not making excuses here I promise.  I have multiple ideas for new projects and am keen to get my Etsy shop full of patterns and little pieces of art going, but have been unable to sit myself down to get organized to type up patterns and to make more projects.  I have some gorgeous ideas, I promise you but have been doing everything else like shopping, gardening and reading magazines.  Distractions are bountiful I have found and I am very good at being distracted! = frustration ++! 

I am trying to overcome this creative hurdle in several ways and I hope I can help you lovely crafters,  if you are in a slump as well. 

My first solution to procrastination is:  Buy something new!

I  enjoyed picking out some new fabric in lovely pinks and greens last week.  It is waiting to be made in to two modern quilts.  I figure if I post about it, it may motivate me to make it!  If you are a fabric lover like me, it is nice just to look and feel new fabric.  I love to see it hanging on the line washed and waiting to be made into something new.

I decided to see what I already had in the way of fabric too.  I have a lovely way to store my fat quarters in this 1950's wooden doll house.  I have a thing about artwork of the 1950's and had a close look at the motif on the front, simply cute.  I had to take a close-up .  I felt excited to open the door and look at all my pretty bits.  It was refreshing to glimpse at what gorgeous colors and designs I had collected over the years.  Another solution:  Re-examine your stash!

I have dealt with the slump before by making something small.  This week I decided to curl up with the heater on and stitch up some different ideas I had for quilt labels.  Adding something pretty and unusual to your quilt back can enhance the sentimental value of the quilt as a gift.  I am definitely over the square handwritten ones, even though they serve the same purpose.  I have nearly finished the button card label, daisy label and paper doll chain.  The Heartworkz label shown below will be a free printable for you to add to inkjet fabric and personalize.  Just had to show you!

I tried to remind myself I have achieved something lately by photographing two recently completed projects. The Boutique Bunny and garland will be the start of my PDF pattern series.  If you love trimmings and like to use lots of different embellishments then this is for you.  Being the only women in a male household, I enjoy making pretty in pink, girly designs occasionally.  Flutterby's is a new addition made from vintage doileys and lots of ribbon and trimming.  Will also be available as a PDF.  What great projects have you completed in the past?  

I am a big nature lover and have been inundated with a late bloom of camelias in my garden.  The bright pink and green are a joy to look at on a dull day.  I just have to pick them and bring them inside.  There is nothing like fresh blooms to brighten your day and I think the colour was an inspiration for the quilt and fabrics I chose.  Yes, another solution:  Look for inspiration in nature.  
By writing this post I am feeling motivated and excited about getting my craft mojo back.  So thank-you lovely readers for allowing me to share my thoughts on this page.      

Do you have a cure for procrastination?  How do you get motivated and out of the creative slump?  

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