7 July 2014

Everything seems better after a Cuppa!


 I am having a very late link-up and cuppa along with the Blog with Pip students from May 2014.  The wonderful and creative Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mikes is our hostess.  As far as I am concerned, anytime is the right time for a cuppa and a chat!

I am a tea girl at the moment, must be strong Twinings if possible, Traditional Afternoon Tea.  What is it about this time of year that makes a cup of tea so wrap your hands around it enjoyable?  Is it that it warms you from the inside out, or is it the sweet dunking biscuit or  muffin that goes nicely with it?  I am attracted to lashings of icing in a cake, anything chocolate screams at me!  Do you have a favorite mug?  Mine is a Maxwell and Williams polka dot lime green doosie.  The wide lip lets the tea just cool a little and not burn the lips.  I have to admit I have to try to get excited about this time of year as I am a summer girl (not a beach babe anymore)!  A cuppa is one of my most enjoyable things during the cold, winter months.  Here is my list of  another five faves at the moment.  Check out the other lovely, ladies linky's joining in the cuppa and chat too!  

1.   Vintage Shopping
What better way to fill in a rainy day than with a visit to the op shops.  I browsed along Chapel Street in Prahran recently and visited several shops including the wonderful Chapel Street Bazaar.  You will not leave the building without buying something!  It is cosy, well organized and full of nooks and cranny's to fossick in.  I am fond of metal at the moment and bought a gorgeous wrought iron recipe stand, dressmakers model and toast rack.  Not to be used for toast, but to hold my arty farty work upright as it dries.  Oops, nearly forgot the 1950's or 60's little wooden sewing box, fold out, complete with pink lined drawers.  It is holding my collage bits and pieces.  Mmm, lovely.

2.  Walking
I am one of those crazy people that likes to walk in the cold weather.  I get quite claustrophobic if I can't get outside once a day for a fresh air fix.  I don't mind a light bit of rain and my two beagles just don't care!  Where are the puddles?  It rejuvenates me and makes me feel alive. 

3.  Reading Icy Sparks.
I picked this book by Gwyn Hyman Rubio in St Vinnie's, read the blurb at the back and couldn't put it down.  It is about a young girl in Kentucky in the 1950's who has Tourettes Syndrome and how  it affects her growing up and relationships.  She tries to hide the tics and is bullied at school.  It is heartwarming and you will fall in love with the characters.  It is also an Oprah's Book Club Book.  A must read.  

4.  Stepping out of my Comfort Zone
Dreaming up new craft projects is an on-going favorite thing.  I recently bought an E-Book by Cyntia Gonzalez-Pell on selling your designs as PDF patterns.  This is an absolute blessing as it means I can design one project, make the original and hopefully sell the pattern.  I am thankful for technology at the moment ( I don't believe I am saying that!) as I have learnt so much.  Completing the Blog with Pip course has opened my eyes to how amazing and visual you can make your blog for your readers.  Lately, I have absorbed some modern inspiration for my quilting.  There is a lot of negative or unadorned space in a modern quilt and you can have one really stand out feature, block or blocks and the quilt is done!  I have also noticed that they use lots of solid fabrics, so I will have to learn to love solids! Finally, the actual quilting is a very important feature especially on the negative space and it can really enhance to design of the quilt. Learning is fun!

5.  Watching The Voice and Offspring.
My hubby has a distinct dislike for super gushy music shows but has been enjoying The Voice.  Gushiness is kept to a minimum he says!  Nina and her adventures on Offspring is a source of on-going entertainment!  Baby Zoe is super cute and adorable. 

More tea anyone?  One lump or two? 

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