29 July 2014

Bits and Bobs

My blog posts have slowed of late, to free up some time for making.  Many new ideas are rushing through my head about Christmas.  I am thinking six months ahead.  Do you have the need to plan ahead for the silly season?  Do you ferret through a pile of Christmas pics and fabric looking for the merry inspiration bug to bite?  I have fossicked and fiddled,  elbow deep in doileys, lace and beautiful braids, loosing track of time as I play to my hearts content. This is big girls play!  I have pulled out bits and bobs, fabric I had forgotten was so pretty and mixed and imagined the projects I could make.  I have drawn up the pattern of my first modern quilt, a story in pictures, soon to shown on the blog.  This sudden spurt of activity has refreshed me, I was feeling frustrated at not being able to complete anything or sometimes start anything for that matter.  I am now embracing the still cooler days to nestle down and make some things - for the nest!  It is sometimes nice to not buy new and create with bits and bobs of things you have, the results may surprise you!   What is the nicest thing you have made with bits and bobs?  Did you keep it or give it away?  Here are some nesting bits and bobs pics! 


My first peek at spring - for you too. 
P.S. I have tried to space these photos in a lovely way for you but the -----computer is not doing what it is told! Oh, well x

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