22 May 2014

The Big Tree Retreat

I was reading a post from the wonderful and very talented Rebecca Sower recently who talked about becoming too busy and needing to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life.  It made me ask myself where do I go to retreat and just be still?  The answer is under the big tree in our very own back yard.  It is #? centuries old, 40-50 feet high and a bit scrappy looking at times.  It is not a 5 star resort, with massage, yoga and gourmet food provided, but it provides magnificent shade in summer, is quiet and is away from the phone.  At the moment there is a carpet of leaves underneath and nice dappled sunlight in the middle of the day. We have placed a little memorial for our lovely dog Chloe under the tree.  She passed away two years ago, it was a special place for her too.  She loved to scratch a hole in the dirt to lie in, on a hot summers day. 

 After three days of annoying tummy pain, lack of sleep and feeling ordinary, I took  myself out to the "retreat" yesterday and just had a relaxing afternoon of making something simple.  It was 'au natural' with some gorgeous leaves I had picked up in one of our popular and busy streets.  I'm sure those driving past thought I was the "Mad Leaf Woman" as I bent over to collect them!  Some gorgeous fluffy felt balls, bits of lace, buttons and string made it a simple threading exercise and very relaxing.  The result was unusual I have to say, but it gave me some quiet time and of course lots of ideas for other projects (coming soon).  The good thing was it wasn't planned, there was no rush and the final result didn't really matter.  It was just therapy-art for therapy!  Have a look.  

 Do you have a little retreat space?  Is it close by or far away?  I would love to hear about them or see a pic or two. Why is it special for you?



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