5 May 2014

The $100 Vintage Challenge!

What do you do if funds are tight but you have a desperate desire to go vintage shopping?  It's just fun to browse, rummage and sort your way through piles of aisles and boxes of old stuff I think.  So here is the challenge, take limited cash,  $100.00 to be exact.  On a rainy afternoon with a few hours to spare, this is what I brought home in my shopping basket.  Mmm-yes it was bliss!  Keep an eye on those price tags and see you at the CHECK-OUT!

Delicious little bags of jewellery pieces, beading and buckles, ideal for my craft projects, vintage doileys and a white crochet cloth (must be dyed one day).   COST $35.00  (Yes, happy with that.  A good start for the challenge).

A bundle of vintage children's books, gorgeous color plates and illustrations  inside.  Maybe I should be honest and say they were bought just for the covers!  These will look great on a book shelf, little pieces of art in themselves.  COST $7.00.  A bargain! 

A two metre length of Daisy Duke vintage denim fabric in perfect condition, check out the cute lace hankies poking out from the pockets.  I don't think I could bear to cut this up, but one day I might make an all in one quilt with some broderie lace and red check trim-the mind is ticking!  Overalls would be nice for the howdown with hat on my head and a straw poking out of my mouth!   COST $2.00
Ooops, nearly forgot the cute sparkly, crochet scarf I grabbed on my way out COST $3.00.

Love this ironstone pavlova plate I saw in a window.  Great 60's graphics and a recipe included. A steal for an oven-proof  $3.00.  

Color up winter with this crochet rug in nice purples and pinks.  Couldn't resist it.  It reminds me of curling up by the fire at my Grandmothers house.  COST  $12.00

You can never have too many hankies.  These little ones were bundled into groups of six or seven for $2.00 a pack x two.  Please note, they were not bought for personal hygiene reasons!  I have used them already in a super easy and quick gift idea for my book group friends.  Simply thread the hankie through a vintage buckle and there you have it, a functional and pretty bookmark! 

Adding to my linen collection, I found this large square ? tablecloth or throw.  Thick, jacquard fabric with fringing.  This would be great picnic blanket.  COST $1.50!


For fans of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's, please find attached a black silk handbag!  Not too big and not too small- in perfect condition.  Stay tune for some vintage bag re-do projects on the blog in the near future. COST $3.00.  

The highlight of my shopping challenge was finding this 1960's super soft, cashmere stole (shawl) with silk lining for a mere $20.00.  Beautiful beyond belief, yes I know all vintage shoppers will agree.  I probably would have went home at this stage, happy with just buying this, but hadn't spent all of my money yet. Needed a coffee and deliciously fattening cake at the bakery at this stage! The stole makes a "snug as a bear hug" bed runner for winter.  I just want to touch it all the time!  

Idea for a bag re-do.  Add a piece of vintage beading ? 

Never one to forget my four legged friends, I found a cosy, polar fleece blanket in winter red and a noisy, rattle (or chew toy) for young Banjo and Lucy.  Very spoilt aren't they?  COST $6.50.  (Dogs not for sale!). 

What am I supposed to do with this? There is something exciting happening outside.

Does she expect me to play on cue?!

Mmm.. the blanket is good to rub my nose in. 
OK..it's noisy and it might move if I stare at it long enough!

Please Pay Here.
      That will be $97.00 thank-you.   Have a nice day.

PS:  Please send me pics and ideas for more vintage challenges.  I would love to see them!


  1. So many cool finds in that mix. Can't believe you got it all for just under $100! I do love a good vintage shopping challenge. I'm going to test out your theory!

    1. Hi Nanny, thanks so much for your comment. Yes, it was an amazing day and lot's of fun. I would love to hear about your vintage challenge. Please send me some pics by email or comment. Have a peek at the post on my first challenge, The Purple Pansy Vintage Challenge. A new and fun way to vintage shop I think with a specific colour theme!


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