15 May 2014

Stay Calm and Keep Crafting!


The crafter's guide to being happy and productive !


I don't know about you fellow crafter, creative person, but I am a multi-tasker.  I have many balls in the air at once and try to juggle them all, being a Mum, healthcare worker, wife, keeper of the house, pet owner, gardener.......  I often feel frustrated at not having time to do my craft work due to lots of other responsibilities.  Yes, it often comes last on my list of daily duties = frustration, UFO's (unfinished objects) and a Mrs Cranky Pants!  I hope this list of  my ten top tips helps you avoid all of the above, to Stay Calm and Keep Crafting!   


1.   "Start at the kitchen first."   

A university lecturer once told me to do this when daunted by the amount of assignments or study we had to get through in a day.  This really works!  Do your basic kitchen duties, washing-up, take a meal out of the freezer, empty the rubbish bin and you will feel that you are on top of things.  

2.   Have a "happy" mess.  

If there are lots of people in your household, this is inevitable!  As long as you are all happy and doing what you enjoy, the mess doesn't matter!  P.S.  I am writing this post in my pyjamas with dishes on the sink, ironing in a huge pile behind me and I haven't had a shower yet! 

3.  Use a diary or calendar.  

I have lots of ideas for things I want to make and for my blog posts.  I like to print off a few monthly pages from Windows Calendar and staple them together.  Very basic but useful.  They have little squares for each day and a month at a glance so I can plan posts down the track and actually do them!  When plotting, be realistic and know that life happens, you have small children, people get sick etc.  It is OK to move something to the next week if it is not super urgent!  


4.  The Big 'E' - Exercise!  

Get outside for some Vitamin D rays, clear your head and boost your overall good health.  This is absolutely non-negotiable for me because I have a very physically demanding day job and it clears my head.  I do weights at the gym also for good bone strength as I don't want to end up a frail old lady!.  I have "canine accountability" also.  That is, two gorgeous puppies (thank-you Banjo and Lucy)  that love to run.  I have no excuse really!  

5.  Have a notebook for ideas. 

 I have two or three on the go at once.  One small, pretty one in my handbag and one or two more at home.  Oh, and another folder with plastic pockets to put pretty pics in that I like from  magazines.  Do this and you will have your very own inspiration library!  

6.   Include your little ones in your craft time.  

Give them some glitter, paper and pens to dabble too.  My two boys have grown up surrounded by fabric, glue and assorted other craft ingredients!  If this becomes a regular thing as they get older, they will appreciate that this is a normal and important part of Mum's time.    In addition, developing good imaginations. 

7.   Limit your computer time. 

Oh no, I hear you say and yes I am guilty of spending time mesmerized by Pinterest!  I find that you can easily lose half a day in front of the screen.  I try to limit it to one hour.  

8.  Reward yourself.  

If the ironing pile is nearly as tall as a skyscraper, then say to yourself, I will do one hour of ironing then I can spend the afternoon in my craft room.  If you try to tackle too many big chores  during one day, you will end up exhausted and unhappy ie.  Mrs Cranky Pants!

9.   Organize dinner early.  

Touched on this earlier.  If you have a big day in the making, don't plan anything gourmet for the evening meal.   Simple and healthy or invest in a slow cooker.  Roasts are always nice in winter as you can be making stuff while they cook.  No guilt allowed, have take-away once a week!  

10.  Be true to yourself!  

Do not follow trends and frustrate yourself by trying to be like everyone else.  Express your own ideas in your craft and be unique!  This is so essential for happiness.  One of my favorite sayings is "Be yourself-everyone else is already taken!"

Let me know how you go using these tips to Stay Calm and Keep Crafting!



  1. great ideas. My problem is the kitchen is usually the biggest mess! You're right though sometimes i just think well if i clean up first they will just make another mess so i might as well leave them to it :)
    Thanks for linking in for Sunday Brunch x

  2. Thanks so much! If all else fails leave the kitchen too!

  3. Great ideas to tackle the hectic days! I usually try and attack things in sections and break it up into smaller tasks with plenty of breaks. Otherwise the mountain seems all too much to handle.
    Visiting from Sunday Brunch at Mums Take Five. xx

    1. Thanks Nanny. That is a great way to tackle a mountain of to do's. I think I should try that with my ironing pile (least favorite job) and maybe just do t-shirts today! Thanks for your comment.


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