30 May 2014

Little Darlings Cushion

Hello there crafters,

Did you read my recent post on how to use inkjet fabric sheets?  Oh, good if you have.  If not please have a read here.  Now we can make this lovely pillow using our inkjet printed fabric.

Please note, these instructions will need to be adapted for your own size image.  You may wish to have a more square image rather than rectangle.  Your pillow will be more square as a result.  My image measured 5 1/2" x 7 1/4."  

*  A 1/4" seam allowance is used throughout this project and is included in the cutting instructions, unless otherwise stated. 

You will need:  

Image on inkjet fabric with a 1/4" seam allowed around all sides
Dark colored red fabric for inner border
Medium blue fabric for middle border and cushion back
Medium or light mustard fabric for outer border
Round doiley cut in  half,  to fit length of lower red border
Vintage bow tie
Red button 
Red and blue ric rac
Fade-away fabric marker
Cushion insert to fit your pillow (you may want to make this after the cushion cover)

How to make it:  

Strips are cut across the width of the fabric.

From the dark red fabric, cut some 1 3/4" wide strips. 
From the blue fabric, cut 2 1/4" wide strips.
From the mustard, cut 2 1/2" wide strips.

1.  Measure the image lengthwise, then cut 2 red strips to this length.  Stitch these to each long side of the image fabric. Press seams toward borders. 
2.  Measure across the width of the image fabric and then cut 2 strips of red for the top and bottom and Stitch to attach and press seams toward borders.  Your image is framed!  

   3.  Measure down the length of the framed print and cut two lengths of blue fabric to this measurement.  Stitch to long sides.  Iron seam allowance toward strips.  Measure across the width and cut two strips.  Stitch to the top and bottom.

4.  Repeat this sequence for the mustard strips, adding to the long sides first and then the top and bottom. 
It's a cinch! 

5.  Mark two lines 2 1/4" and 3" away from the outer edge of the red border on the mustard strip with the fade-away marker.  Do this on both long sides.  Repeat this method for marking lines on the upper and lower mustard borders.  These are the guidelines for your ric-rac.  

6.  Stitch the red and blue ric-rac to both long sides following the guidelines.  (Refer to photo).  Repeat this for the upper and lower borders.  Looking good!  

6.  Does a half circle of your doiley fit the length of the red border ?  To attach, iron a small 1/4" seam to the wrong side on the raw edge of the doiley.  Flip the doiley up toward the image right sides together.  Align the ironed seam line along the edge of the red border and stitch along this line. Fold back down and iron.  It's like a little flap!

7.  Hand-stitch your bow tie from the back, to the centre of the doiley and the button below it, as shown in the photo.  

8.  We are making a pillow case style back for the cushion.  Measure down the full length of the front, and repeat across the width.  These measurements are for my cushion back, adjust your measurements accordingly. 
For the underflap, cut a rectangle of  blue fabric 15 1/4" (width) x 11 1/2" (length).  Fold a narrow seam allowance to the wrong side along one long edge and stitch down for the hem. 
For the overflap, cut a rectangle to the width x 10 3/4".  Hem one long edge again.  

9.  Place the overflap on top of the underflap, right sides facing up.  Adjust so that it fits the back of the cushion along all sides.  Stitch the overlapped edges on the left and right sides of the backing to hold together.  Place the completed back right sides together with the cushion top.   Stitch around entire rectangle in a 1/4" seam.  i like to stitch twice for strength.  Turn right side out and iron gently.  Place insert inside.   

Great work!  Enjoy your Little Darlings.  

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