25 May 2014

Have a Swap Shop!

How to build your craft stash without any cash!


A swap shop is a fun way for a crafty group of friends to collect some new craft supplies using the old fashioned 'barter' system.  By swapping, "one mans trash ..can literally be ...another man's treasure." Follow my how to list and create a fun day of swapping. 

1.  Make a list of who is going to bring what to the swap, otherwise you may end up with all fabric or all embroidery threads.  this will severely restrict your swapping unless you are having a theme.  More about that later.  Make a list of special requests for those who are desperate for some more-for example 1930's fabrics or vintage buttons? 

2.  Have lots of people, the more the merriment, mayhem and fun.  More people = more goodies!

 3.  Stay well nourished with deliciously fattening cakes, champagne or anything else to keep your stamina up!

4.  Have a 'Swap and Show' day where you bring something you have made with your swapped goodies or make it on site. Share your creation with your swap mates at the end of the day! 

 5.  Have a theme swap such as Christmas (in July) to allow time for making.  Just quilting for patterns, fat quarters, anything you need to finish your next quilt.  Make it a color theme.  You can be creative or radical here, especially if you choose colors like red, black and white?  Make a round robin quilt or other project for charity with the swapped items.  A free-for-all swap would be just down to earth good old fun and you will all go home with a bucket full of goodies.

6.  Tell me how your swaps went and send some pics by email.  I will share them on future posts.  Have fun and get swapping!


  1. So many great ideas here, I love it! I've recently been stocking up my craft supplies and oh my gosh, I didn't realise it was so expensive. I'll be sure to implement these tips.
    Visiting from Sunday Brunch at Mums. xx

    1. Thanks so much Nanny. Yes, the sky could be the limit with a swap and you could collect some great craft goodies. I hope you have fun swapping!

  2. What a great idea. That'd be so much fun, i could see it lasting all day bartering and swapping in between sips of champagne and lots of food. That's a great way to grow and share collections.
    Thanks for linking up again for #sundaybrunch

    1. It would be an especially fun way to clean up your craft cupboard and then gather some more goodies which you have been longing for! Glad you enjoyed the post.


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