5 March 2014

Gifts from The Heart

These stitched gingham hearts were inspired by my Grandmother who put cross stitch motifs on everything - including tablecloths, aprons and napkins!  


 You will need: 
  • Small checked gingham (approx 20cm x 20cm) of each color.
  • DMC Perle No.8  thread - blue, pink, purple
  • 30cm fusible interfacing
  • 4 x small heart buttons in each color (refer to photographs)
  • 2mm satin ribbon - 50cm of each color
  • 15mm ribbon - 20cm of each color 
  • Small gold rings for ribbon hangers
  • Craft glitter- pink, purple, blue 
  • Fine tip "Painty" pen - Gold  
  • Acrylic paint- blue, pink, mauve
  • Mod Podge Gloss sealer/glue
  • Gloss spray
  • Spray adhesive
  • Gold charms - cross, angel, heart
  • 3 square wooden frames with 10 x 10cm openings and wide (5cm) borders as shown in photograph.  


NB:  Cross stitch hearts are worked on the cross-wise grain, so turn your fabric so that the darker lines are going across the heart horizontally. 

Cut out a 15cm x 15cm square of gingham (to allow for shrinkage during stitching).  Determine centre of square by folding in half then half again and ironing creases. 

Cut a 11cm x 11cm square of fusible interfacing and fuse to back of gingham square, ensuring it is centred.  Work cross stitches (following the layout in the photograph below)  using appropriate colored Perle cotton.  Iron on the rear of the stitching and cut out to 11cm x 11cm.  

Remove the backing board from each frame.  Spray with adhesive.  Smooth the stitched square onto the board.    


Remove the glass from the frames.  Apply two coats of acrylic paint, allowing adequate drying time between coats.  

Work lettering with a pencil onto frame borders, I used a simple handwritten font.   Use the gold Painty pen to fill in lettering.  Allow to dry overnight.  

Apply one coat of Mod Podge to the frame avoiding the lettering.  While still wet, sprinkle with glitter.   Allow to dry.  Spray with two coats of gloss spray.  

Tie a small bow from the appropriate colored 2mm ribbon.  Using the photograph as a guide, attach the charms to the left hand side of the frame with PVA glue or Mod Podge.  NB:  The pink bow is glued below the charm and the blue, purple bows glued above each charm.  

Insert the stitched heart panels into each frame.  

Ribbon Hangers:  Mark a centre point on the upper back of each frame.  Cut 12cm lengths of 15mm ribbon for each hanger.  Thread ribbon through gold ring and double aligning raw edges.  Glue hanger to back of frame using a generous amount of glue.  Allow to dry thoroughly before hanging.  


Enjoy giving your gifts from the heart!

Copyright:  Wendy Doyle, 2014.   

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