1 April 2015

Free Easter Bunny Stitchery

I am re-publishing this post lovely readers.  How can we forget this cuter than cute bunny, a quick stitch before the coming festivities-enjoy!

I have adapted this design from a drawing of the big fluffy guy my son did at the age of 7.  Not a fan of filling in color with lots of stitches?  Then use crayons - I will show you how! Instructions included for the cute Easter egg frame.

Please note:  You will need Adobe Reader -this pattern is a PDF file.  Double click on image below.  Taa! 

You will need: 

40cm (1/2 yd) calico (tea-dyed)
40cm (1/2 yd) yellow/white checked  fabric for backing 
40cm (1/2 yd) fusible interfacing
Perle No.8 thread:  mid blue, rose pink, violet, mint green, cream, tan 
Stranded embroidery cotton: Dark brown
Crayons:  Crayola are best, yellow, violet, green, salmon pink, peach
Small buttons:  2 each of yellow, pink, green  
Baking paper 
Pencil or Fade-Away marker
Pinking shears
Wooden frame:  25cm x 33cm (10" x 13")
Acrylic paint:  Cobalt blue, white
Finepoint permanent marker
Small stencil brush
Acetate or stencil plastic
Craft knife or stencil cutter  
Spray adhesive
Spray Gloss 

How to Make it: 



Stitches I have used:  Cross stitch, french Knots, Running stitch, Satin stitch, Straight stitch
NB:  Bunny's whiskers, eyes and nose are stitched after coloring with crayon.   

Cut out a calico rectangle to measure 25cm x 33cm (10" x 13").
From the yellow/white check, cut a rectangle 25cm x 33cm or a piece to fit the backing board of your frame. 
From the fusible interfacing, cut a rectangle to measure 25cm x 33cm.

Place the stitchery design underneath the calico and tape to a window or light box.  Trace out the design lightly with a pencil or fade-away marker.

Use running stitch and the cream Perle thread to stitch the outline of bunny's upper body, arms head, feet and ears. 
Outline the trousers and fill in lines forming the checks with running stitch and topaz Perle thread.  Work the crosses in blue.

Stitch the capitals of each word with rose pink thread and running stitch.  The small X at the end of the work "hop" is also stitched in rose pink.  Stitch the remaining letters of each word with the mid blue Perle. 

Use the photograph as a guide for color to stitch the Easter eggs.  The small hearts are worked in satin stitch.  The diamonds and zig-zags are worked using a straight stitch.  

Flower stitches are worked with straight stitch and mint green thread.

Now for the fun part-coloring! Practice this technique on a piece of scrap fabric first.  It is always best to build up layers of color rather than be heavy handed with the crayons! Do not stress if you cannot reach the edge of each shape with color, it is meant to look hand colored, like a childs drawing!

Bunny's body, feet, arms, face and ears are colored with the peach crayon.  The squares on his trousers are  shaded with yellow.  Refer  to the photograph to color in the sections on each Easter egg.  You can be creative and NOT follow my design if you like! 

Bunny's mouth is is worked in back stitch, his whiskers in straight stitch.  Use two strands of the dark brown thread to French knot his eyes.  Small pink back stitches outline his nose and satin stitch used to fill it in.  

Cut a small length of tan Perle thread for the bow and thread into your needle.  Insert it from the right side of the stitchery panel to the back and back up to have the two loose ends on top.  Tie in a small bow.   

Place the completed stitchery face down on sheet of baking paper.  Iron the back with a warm iron.  This will help to set the color in the crayons.  :

Attach the little buttons with cream thread.   


Cut along the cutting line of the stitched panel with pinking shears.  
Iron fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the yellow/white check fabric.  Place the stitchery panel in the centre of the yellow/white rectangle.  There should be a 3cm (1 1/4")  margin of yellow fabric around the stitchery.  Use running stitch and an occasional cross stitch in rose pink Perle thread to attach the stitched panel to the backing.  

Remove glass from the frame.  Spray the backing board of the frame with adhesive.   Place the fabric/stitchery panel on top and smooth out.  Allow to dry.  

Mix a little white acrylic paint with the cobalt blue.  Remove glass from the frame and apply two coats of this blue to the frame allowing approximately 20 minutes drying time between coats.  

Trace the "egg" template from the pattern sheet onto acetate with a permanent marker.  Cut out.  Position the egg stencil on the frame (refer to photograph for positioning).   Load your stencil brush with a small amount of cobalt blue, dab excess on paper towel, and apply in a circular motion to the shape on the stencil.  Allow to dry.  Apply two coats of gloss spray to frame.  Insert the stitched panel into the frame. 

I would love to see your finished Easter Bunnies.  Please send pics!  

x Wendy

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