9 March 2014

Falling for Autumn

The Things I Love about Autumn are:


Refreshing green-ness and new flowers blooming after a long, hot summer.  Autumn is the "new spring!"  My roses have survived the heat and are still flowering.

Long lunches under our big tree.  

 Seeing our Lucy and Banjo more energetic but also lazy as they sleep for two hours in the middle of the day.  A doggy siesta!


More colour and I am off to the nursery to plant even more!


I feel like stitching after the heat.  A couple of past autumn projects to inspire!

Cushions and quilts to cosy up with on lovely cool nights.  Vintage tablecloth cushions, super easy to make use of a lovely floral cloth.  I don't like them hidden away in drawers!

Decorating with some autumn colors. 

Quilt storage.  All quilts should be seen-take your pick!

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