25 December 2014

A Year of Heartworkz

Take a look at this little movie of blog features for this year, compliments of Google!  Click here.

Ho, ho, ho, hope you have a safe and Merry Christmas.  I look forward to sharing some lovely crafty inspiration with you in 2015.

x Wendy

24 December 2014

Quick and Easy Christmas Garland

I whipped up this lovely garland to hang in no time.  You can personalize it with words or names of your own choice too.  I have stitched the words onto the doilies, but this could easily be a No- Sew project by using glue to attach them.  I hung the garland with a red bead trim for added pizzaz!

10 December 2014

Christmas Pin-spiration!

Welcome to a little crafty Christmas inspiration, a parade of red and green, ideas for decking the halls and making your home merry and bright!  Pinterest as always is a great source of inspiration for me, especially at Christmas!  I have to drag myself away at this time of year to actually make something!  Are you torn between making and partaking of Pinterest?!    I have included some of my creations to hopefully inspire you too.  Even though Christmas is usually very hot in Australia, my decorating and crafting seems to always be winter Christmas themed.  It maybe an ode to my Scottish and British ancestors and a longing to one day have a white Christmas!  

Time Flies Santa is by far a favorite Christmas decoration.  He just screams "cuddle me" , in his tartan robe and fluffy reindeer slippers.  Wearing a vintage fob watch and chain, he is running late...very late for a very important date-that's Christmas!

    Santa is coming-a colorful stitchery colored with crayon and decorated with "lights." 

 Warm up to Winter quilt, is appliqued with cosy, felt mittens (winter again my Northern friends!)

This heart makes me want to sit and stitch and stitch,  from Natural Beauty.

Snowmen really do melt my heart!  Once again colored with crayon, with mittens and a rusty heart attached.   

 Love this idea from Kountry Krafting on Etsy.  My heart melted when I saw this-watch out vintage suitcases!  This would look great in a guest room or as a welcome for the festive season at a front entry. 

A jolly holly felt penny rug given as a gift in a Christmas swap.  

Sweet heart shaped gift boxes to hang or give from The Holiday Barn.

Sparkling silver decorations from a stunning blog Vem da Terra

 By Jingles Santa made from a terracotta pot adds a little chubby merriness to our family room.

Gone potty again with Frosty friends duo!  Do you charge 5 cents for your snowballs?  

Delicious paper rosettes from Lucky Girl Goods

1 December 2014

Free stitchery for Christmas!

Hello lovely readers,

An early special gift for all your support and comments over the last year on my blog.  A little stitchery created quite a few Christmases ago for you to print then enlarge/reduce as you wish.  Get happy stitching in reds/greens or whatever colors you wish.  This is so versatile and can be used in a cushion, wall-hanging or even a stocking. Click here to download.  You will need Adobe Reader to view this PDF file. 

For more Merry Christmas inspiration take a look at these Heartfelt projects

I may be visiting a little less or just pop up every now and then over the next few weeks to free up some time for festivities, family and lots of goodies in the making! 

Have a safe and happy Christmas
From my heart to yours,

Wendy xx

12 November 2014

Habby Rows Christmas

Hello lovely readers,

Are you decking your halls with lots of jolly!  I deck my halls with occasionally holly, but this year I have just finished my Habby Rows Christmas wall-hanging, (so-named because of the rows of habby!)  Lots of fun was had choosing braid of all sorts for the "branches" of the tree and bits and bobs of habby for the decorations.  What is lurking in your habby or sewing box?  Ugly duckling bits and pieces can often become things of beauty.  A vintage photograph of a visit to Santa acts as the "trunk' with a little blue frill for the stand.  Jingle, jangle and dangle some tassels for bells and buttons for lights.    What can you concoct to get you in the mood for merriment?

x Wendy

18 October 2014

Desperate and De-Lovely!

I had two reasons for a trip to the big city of Melbourne recently.  One was to see my eldest who is in the midst of exams and finishing up his three year uni course.  I thought a nice lunch out with Mum might be in order.

The second was to try and find a reasonably priced DVD sets of Desperate Housewives Series five, six, seven and eight.  Why? Am I hooked on this show, you ask?   I find each of the characters (except one) has an endearing quality that I like or I admit, I can relate to in some way.    I love that, in the ideal world of Wisteria Lane the flower gardens are always in bloom and it always seems to be sunny!   In spite of this,  their "ordinary" lives are somehow excessively dramatic - leaving me thankful that mine is not!  I have tried to buy the said discs on Ebay but still found those pricey!  Mmm...funds are tight.

The trip was without incident, until I came closer to the city and I inadvertently veered off onto another part of the freeway which leads to the west of Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.  How did it happen, I don't know.  I have done this trip many, many times before.  I was jammed into a five lane freeway heading toward the beach, the city being left far behind.  I was desperate to find a way off.  Speeding cars and five lanes are not my best friend and lead to increasing anxiety levels!  Immediate action was called for as I took the next available left to a suburb called Sunshine, travelling through  the industrial area.  I wondered if I was ever going to see civilization again.  Referring to my map on two occasions, I finally entered the city from the westerly direction instead of the north, adding 30 kilometres to the trip.

I made it to my sons house 1 1/2 hours later than I planned.  He had just got out of bed at 12 noon and was not at all worried!   I was parched and desperate for a very strong coffee and toilet break.  The lovely thing was that he put on his good clothes to go out for lunch with me.  Something most 22 year old young men would not be bothered to do!   A most enjoyable lunch was shared at a quaint little cafe.  We visited a vintage shop or two after lunch to specifically look for the desperate girls!  My son  knows when his mother is on a mission, there is no stopping her!  No luck with our quest so far! 

Early afternoon saw him set off to work, so I had time to do a little browsing and shopping.  I wanted to find an antique store called The Waverley Antique Bazaar that I had discovered on the internet.  It was further out of the city and required even more driving and navigating, this time without getting lost!  It was a large white warehouse, surrounded by other industrial type buildings and a huge car park in the centre.  I was having second thoughts as the sign only said Wholesale Antiques, with no shop front.  I  thought to myself, I have come all this way, just take a quick look.  Well, I walked into a huge warehouse with 200 stalls of some of the most unique and least expensive antiques and collectables I have seen.  A lovely time was had as I wandered the aisles browsing to my hearts content.  Bucket loads of doileys and cute linens, a gracious green vase, a felt coat hanger or two, a ship in a bottle and a holder for pots later, I left feeling hugely satisfied with my lot.  Have you ever had a desperate day turn into something quite de-lovely?  

Ship Ahoy!

Sweet ditzy daisy table mat 

Did I buy a pair of bloomers?  See below.

Hankerchief keeper

Feeling blue-buy a doiley or two!

A fifties style silk scarf for every de-lovely lady

14 October 2014

"It's a Spring Thing" Vintage Challenge

Do you have a desire for pretty?  Being the only female in a household of men makes this a frequent desire for me.  I am thinking a small dose of flowers, soft color and girly things is required at the moment to celebrate spring...and just because!  This vintage challenge had me searching high and low for a dose of "pretty" for the house and my craft projects.  Fossicking is what I love, sometimes with no real plan but the odd vintage challenge keeps a bit of focus on the task and  prevents me bringing home a car boot of everything!    Here are the contents of my shopping bag lovely readers plus a snapshot of my garden at its prettiest!  

 Miss Mammy string holder straight from the 1950's as per the $12.00 price tag!  She makes me smile every time I look at her.  The string is still intact and she has a little loop for hanging.  Loved this $6.00 floral basket with crochet edges.  You can never have too much storage in your craft room so this will be filled in no time.

 A gorgeous heart photo holder but I can find a hundred other uses for this.  See the photo further on in this post.  Very sweet and a bargain at $6.00.  

OMG!  I saw this 1960's felt school girls hat hat hanging on the wall in my favorite vintage shop, a little covered in dust and for $15.00, I just had to rescue it!  It looked like it had been there for a while.  It has wire in the brim to maintain the shape.  Can you imagine a little girl in uniform heading off to school with this perched on her head, carrying a leather satchel and wearing patent leather shoes? 

 Beautiful crystal salad servers, a steal at $4.00.  

A handful of vintage gloves in pretty lace and embroidered white and pink nylon, some with pearl buttons.  Does it get any prettier?!  

I wasn't sure what these little crochet beauties were, but after much thought and deliberation I have decided they are blind pulls!  
Tiny crochet gloves for tiny hands and a little boys clip on silk tie, gorgeous.  

A doiley selection 

 What can you do with a wire heart hanger?  

Hey Barbie!  I think these outfits would look cute in a frames.  Love the cherry print and belt.    

11 October 2014

Boutique Button Pins

Create a little pin with a vintage touch.  Use up the most beautiful parts of an otherwise damaged doiley and cover a large button, add some felt petals and some bling.  Voila!  A pretty boutique pin.

25 September 2014

P-inspiration - September

 My oh my...how the year does fly!  I have been making the most of some gorgeous Spring days by planting and planting, making new garden beds, stitching and thinking of Christmas.  I am one of those weird people who like to be prepared in advance!  I have a lovely vintage wall-hanging for you to make coming up soon. Think lots of braid, buttons, crochet and yes, more doilies!  Truly, it is sweet so wait and see.   Being in a floral frame of mind I have made some gorgeous button flower pins which will be in my next post.  You can never have TOO many flowers, can you?  These would make lovely gifts and are super easy to make.

I have found some lovely pins this month from some very talented people.  So, take a look, be inspired and share the love!  Find lots more inspiration on my Pinterest boards here.

Have a heart wreath by the wonderfully talented Amy Powers, of Inspire Co.

By goodknits.com

This is the simplest and easiest "craft recipe" I have seen.   Just a wire coat hanger and some colorful balls of yarn make up this colorful heart which would brighten up any room.  A gorgeous example of a different wreath shape.

I am definitely in love with this larger than life Valentine holder from April 1930's.  I think it is so versatile and you can see versions in different fabrics on her blog here.   Additionally, and without a doubt are the gorgeous little fabric envelopes for messages to tuck into the pocket, designed for the romantic in us all!

Heart Tree by Bee Kay
 Hang spring rose hearts amongst the trees for a garden party.  I would love to try a smaller version as a door wreath for spring.   Artificial roses would make a last forever, beautiful decoration. 

Pretty in pink for icing, from sweet and saucy.  This is a wonderful idea if you like to get your hands a little messy with clay, using a doiley as a pattern maker. A bowl of mini hearts would make a cute gift in a crystal bowl for a guest. 

I love this naive looking heart collage by What Katy Did Next. UK.  There is nothing more satisfying than making something from a whole lot of bits and pieces and to have it turn out as a beautiful piece of art. 

Be INspired x
Please credit all artists for these works by linking to their sites.