4 December 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

This will have to be a post of Parts....Part One, two or more!  There are too many favorites to show all at once.   Selection was difficult also.  Here are just a few.  The mother and baby koala teapot was irresistable, too cute for words. It said "you have to buy me!"  I thought it was so unique and has pride of place on my shelf of kitchen favorites.  It will never see a tea leaf as I do not want to stain it!  Such a shame I hear you say-however, I may rethink and have an Aussie themed tea party one day.   

The doll house was long searched for as storage for my fat quarters.  We were in an antique store in Chiltern, a little historical town in Victoria.  The shop was a browsers paradise, dusty and overflowing with  a variety of desirables.  It was sitting behind the counter and full of fifties plastic doll furniture.  I firmly believe that sometimes things will find you and this was just the case. 

A darling little group of favorites that sits on my desk.  My favorite photo of my gorgeous boys as toddlers.  It captures their personalities and playfulness.  Lachlan as always the adventurous one, energetic and not afraid of anything.  Little Ben with his duck fluff blonde hair,  loving the company of his big brother who encourages him to this day to step outside his comfort zone.  There is never a bad word between them and I love to watch them together.  A mothers joy! 

Must Love DOgs!  Mr Scottie is large and part of my collection of smaller scotties.  He has a cheeky "what are you doing?"  look on his face.  My real life dogs Lucy and Banjo, are the other loves of my life!  Always entertaining and loyal.  They are the ultimate dogs, mischevious, messy, quirky and very affectionate.  Snoopy like, they lie on their backs, feet in the air, getting some sun on their tummys.  They are very intellingent and will listen to what you say-and then do what they want some of the time.  Beagles need a patient owner! 

 Give me some Daisy each day!  It helps that this perfume is in a gorgeous daisy topped bottle.  It is fresh like a daisy, sweet, summery fields, not overpowering.   For someone on whom most perfume evaporates quickly, this seems to be a stayer.  A little bit of luxury in a bottle.  PS..His new perfume Honey complete with bee on the bottle is on my wish list! 

What are your favorite things?  

x Wendy  

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