18 June 2013

Warm up to Winter

Copyright:  Heartworkz 2013

Copyright:  Heartworkz 2013
It is only the start of winter here in Australia and already I am looking to snuggle, hibernate and cosy up the house.  Most of my quilts are out on display at this time of year to add the required "cosiness" and color to chilly days and nights.  This is one of those quilts that I hold very dear.  It was the first ever one I made of my own design and was actually mostly stitched in a little log cabin near the sea on a summer holiday!  Again I cannot resist the texture of felt and love the snow, hence the pretty snowflakes.  I have many a time skied in the mountains of Victoria and it is at these times I am most in awe of nature and its glory.  The utter silence as snowflakes fall around while you are being whisked smoothly by the chairlift to the top of the mountain, with the tree tops below.  It is like living a postcard dream. 

For some reason my boys love this quilt.  
It is the first one that is chosen to cover themselves with when watching movies or to add to their bed in winter for extra warmth.  Is it the colors or do they know that Mum loved making this, that it is very special and this demonstrates how the love that is put into making a quilt can be felt by all who use it.     

I am desperate for color in winter.  I can suffer the effects of shorter days and count down the days sometimes to the beginning of spring.  I took a walk to try and find as much color as I could to boost my spirits after four days of continuous rain.  These are the results.  I was surprised to find an assortment of flowering plants still out at the tail end of Autumn/Fall.   The shapes and shades are wonderful.  I hope this little bit of color warms up your winter.  

x Wendy

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