5 May 2013

The Purple Pansy Vintage Challenge

What do you do when you have three spare hours of me time and a real "need" to go shopping?  Go vintage and give yourself a colour challenge!  I love the colours of these pansies in my garden this Autumn and I was inspired to try and find as many items as I could from my local opportunity shops in gorgeous pansy colors.  However some guidelines were in order!

The items must: 

*  be useable (none of this bringing them home to hide in the back of the cupboard to use one day!).

*  must be purple, yellow or green, variations of or a combination.

*  be a bargain!

Here are the results of my vintage purple pansy challenge:


The whole shopping bag full after three hours of fun and voracious searching, dehydrated and a little weary!  Little doilies and lovely velvet ribbon will be used in my craft items.  Love the autumn leaf one and these were super cheap at $1.00 each.  The fruit platter, very autumn was $1.95 and is from England.  The boys vintage book was one of a few and sort of fit  the criteria, (how I hear you say!) it has green and a pansy crimson binding!  The little purple bag reminded me of a doctors bag of sorts and it will go nicely with some winter outfits.  The fruit placements had the touch of someone's breakfast on one which just wiped clean, but were a bargain, six for $3.00.  The more things I found, the more excited I got, voraciously looking through boxes and drawers casting off items in a whim that just weren't pansy colors.  My favorite is the crochet rug, sublime and in three different shades of purple for $7.00, perfect condition.  Can't wait to snuggle under this on a cold night.  Snoopy is a dog toy, yes unfortunately all good things must be given to the dogs too!  We can't have them getting bored can we?  This challenge was lots of fun and a great way to cheer yourself up with some colorful lovelies on a cold, dreary day.   I will be making some crafty things with some of  my shopping items so stay tuned in future posts.  Look forward to doing a challenge in Winter (berry red maybe).  

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