30 May 2013


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A Christmas parade of heart-felt goodies which are bright, easy to make and hopefully will get us all inspired to create early in the year in readiness for Christmas.  There is nothing I like better than a quick project!  The mini pillows and wall-hanging were stitched freehand in the heat of summer on a very long car trip from Queensland to Victoria coming home after our annual holiday.  After ensuring the children were kept occupied, Mother D.  had to be kept busy too and these are the result!  Little jute hangers allow them to be hung from the tree or a garland. 

" A  reindeer just nose when it's Christmas" is an advent calendar which combines a bit of machine stitching to construct the backing and blanket stitching to attach the felt shapes.  He is from fluffy felt and is complete with a sparkly pom-pom nose.  There is something very tactile about felt and this is even more so with extra pile. 

No it NEVER snows in Australia at Christmas, but I often dream of having a White Christmas - why do I love the snow so much, something from my Scottish and British heritage i think.  Bing Crosby's legendary song and the DVD of the movie is played religiously every Christmas.  "Snuggle up Snow Buddies" was my first felt project and includes a fringed scarf on Mr Snow and a soft snow cap on  Mrs Snow. I will be making more felt wall-hangings soon so stay tuned. 

I have limited numbers of these patterns available, if you would like one please email me for price and shipping costs.  

Copyright:  Heartworkz 2013

24 May 2013

Confessions of a Bag Lady


Hello, my name is Wendy..and I buy bags...because they are glitzy, glamorous, feel nice, are vintage and occasionally they are useful!  Yes, OK they can sometimes make you feel like Audrey going to Breakfast at Tiffany's, a girly, girl, you know what I mean.

It has to be said that often I cannot fit my glasses, wallet, lipstick, tissues, hairbrush, hand cream, notebook, keys and other necessary items in, so if the glasses don't fit I ask someone else to read the menu for me at dinner.  Put plenty of lipstick on before you go, two layers tissued between each  layer so that it lasts.  Yes, it has happened, my husband understands completely and is my reader of blackboard menus! 


My vintage bags are sourced from opp shops and are priceless literally!  There is an assortment of evening bags containing pearls and beads which you just have to touch, even the silk linings are intact.  These will go with any outfit.  I often wonder what the women were like who owned them, were they the fancy flappers of the twenties or a well to do lady in the thirties and forties.  How many lipsticks did they fit in these bags?  They are so compact that I think they must have just had enough room for a hankie or two and a train ticket! Phyllis Fiarotta in her book on Nostalgia Crafts states that ladies required only a pair of opera glasses and a compact to " powder their noses,"  hence the small size of the bags!


I am a child of the sixties and seventies so flower power took over and made me love this raffia daisy bag, so cute and very Gidget like!  Would look great with a sixties straight shift dress.  The fifties raffia tote made me want to put on my teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini and head to the beach!  (I'm anything but teeny weeny!).  Loved the raffia flowers which add some dimension.   

How to manage a multitude of bags?  What do you find when you empty one only to fill up another?  Loose change hidden in the seams that makes you feel a little richer than you thought you were.  The receipt from that pair of trousers you bought, didn't have time to try on and haven't been able to exchange.  Your favorite lip gloss in the color that goes with everything.   A mini tube of hand cream that has lost it's lid and is on everything!  Spring cleaning of the handbag is essential to clear clutter and allow for the new and bigger bag - that will hold your glasses when you go out!

5 May 2013

The Purple Pansy Vintage Challenge

What do you do when you have three spare hours of me time and a real "need" to go shopping?  Go vintage and give yourself a colour challenge!  I love the colours of these pansies in my garden this Autumn and I was inspired to try and find as many items as I could from my local opportunity shops in gorgeous pansy colors.  However some guidelines were in order!

The items must: 

*  be useable (none of this bringing them home to hide in the back of the cupboard to use one day!).

*  must be purple, yellow or green, variations of or a combination.

*  be a bargain!

Here are the results of my vintage purple pansy challenge:


The whole shopping bag full after three hours of fun and voracious searching, dehydrated and a little weary!  Little doilies and lovely velvet ribbon will be used in my craft items.  Love the autumn leaf one and these were super cheap at $1.00 each.  The fruit platter, very autumn was $1.95 and is from England.  The boys vintage book was one of a few and sort of fit  the criteria, (how I hear you say!) it has green and a pansy crimson binding!  The little purple bag reminded me of a doctors bag of sorts and it will go nicely with some winter outfits.  The fruit placements had the touch of someone's breakfast on one which just wiped clean, but were a bargain, six for $3.00.  The more things I found, the more excited I got, voraciously looking through boxes and drawers casting off items in a whim that just weren't pansy colors.  My favorite is the crochet rug, sublime and in three different shades of purple for $7.00, perfect condition.  Can't wait to snuggle under this on a cold night.  Snoopy is a dog toy, yes unfortunately all good things must be given to the dogs too!  We can't have them getting bored can we?  This challenge was lots of fun and a great way to cheer yourself up with some colorful lovelies on a cold, dreary day.   I will be making some crafty things with some of  my shopping items so stay tuned in future posts.  Look forward to doing a challenge in Winter (berry red maybe).  

2 May 2013

Vintage Baby

The happiest times of my life have been with my babies and I still have a love of anything baby and old!  I love old sepia photos and the lovely soft colors they results in.   This photo is of myself and my sister.  I am about 3 years old, she is about 1.  I remember the day of this photo, yes still after 4o something years!  I was standing on a stool in our bathroom with a piece of sellotape across my forehead so my mother could cut a very straight fringe! I couldn't work out why she had to have it so straight!  Her favorite story is that I was a very sleepy baby (that hasn't changed!) and I had to be woken every four hours for a feed by dabbing wet cotton balls on my cheeks!  There was a regime of strict four hourly feeds for babies in the 1960's.  Those were the days!

I have many favorite baby items like little suits and toys that my boys had as babies, which will be very vintage by the time they have children!  Most of my children's jumpers were hand-knitted by my grandmother who did the most amazing picture work as you can see.  I made a "special request"  for the ship jumper and she designed it herself without a pattern for Lachlan,  my eldest.  It is a shame to have them stored away so I got them out for a bit of color in my sewing room.  Would look good in a babies room too.

Big ted is 50 years old this year.  Still hanging in there except for a loose left eye.  His eyes are the beautiful tortise-shell buttons used years ago.   He has been played with and poked at by many children but has withstood the test of time!  Mr Koala is my husbands old favorite and is about 52 years old!  He has a suede tummy and must have nine lives coming from a household of five boys!  Black and white ted and the little red wagon are vintage shop buys.   The clown is from the 1950's and is stuffed with sawdust.  His gorgeous velvet pants and 50's fabric shirt made him a "must have."  If I am not watching or do not have him out of reach, our dog Banjo will run off with him and use him as a chew toy! 

Small storage for your baby bits and pieces.  A vintage dolls dresser (I have stored my jewellery in it) but think it would be great for cotton buds, balls, and creams.  Silk baby shoes on top a market find and lovely baby Ben in the photo.

A pair of vintage baby rugs just the right size for knee rugs!