1 April 2013

Vintage Pram Blanket

Create an heirloom gift from a piece of woollen blanket and doileys from your vintage store !

Finished blanket measurement: 25 1/4" x 26 1/2" (can be made any size). 

You will need: 

A piece of pure wool blanketing 
Selection of doileys including two round shaped doileys for pockets (will be folded in half to form half circle)
Flannelette for backing fabric-cut to fit 1 1/2" larger around all sides of the woollen blanket
Contrast pre-made cotton binding (3/4" wide off the roll-enough to fit around all four sides of the finished quilt top and to allow for mitred corners)
No.8 Perle embroidery thread
Safety pins or quilting pins
Walking foot to fit your sewing machine for quilting
Free motion quilting foot

How to make it:

*  Trim your piece of blanketing of any crooked edges to "square it up."  It is best to do this prior to adding the doileys! 
*  Fold two of  your doileys in half to form pockets.  On one of the doileys stitch "For You" using the Perle thread and a back stitch.

*  Place your selection of doileys in a pleasing arrangement on the blanket and pin.  Try to vary the shapes and colors to make it  look interesting.
*  I have hand-stitched the doileys in position around edges using cotton sewing thread.   Refer to photograph to see a back view, not overly neat! (Important:  The two pocket doileys are machine stitched on when quilting).
 *  Iron your assembled blanket.  Cut out a piece of backing fabric to measure the size of the blanket front plus 1 1/2" on all sides.  This allows room for shrinkage when quilting the blanket.  Place backing wrong side facing up underneath the blanket.  Smooth out blanket to remove any creases. 

 *  Start pinning through both layers from the centre of the blanket outwards smoothing out as you go.  You should have no more than a hands width between pins.  See below. 

 *  Attach your walking foot to the machine and stitch around the three lower edges on each half doily to form pockets.  You will need to use a slightly longer than normal stitch because of the thickness of the blanket. 
*  Stitch around the fabric edge of each doiley as shown in the photo below.  For doileys without crochet trimming, I have stitched close to the outer edge.
*  If you prefer not to machine quilt, try hand stitching using a Perle 8 thread around each shape.  

*I have free motion stitched some hearts randomly over the spare space in the blanket, or again you can hand stitch the hearts using Perle thread. 

*  Once your quilting is complete, iron both layers then trim off the excess backing fabric to leave 1/4" showing alongside the edges of the blanketing.  This adds a bit of "bulk to your binding for a nice shape and strength when folded. 

*   Starting at the middle of the lower edge, clip on your binding to match the edge of the blanketing, folding back 1/4 " on the end which will cover the raw end of the binding when complete.  Stitch in a 1/4" seam allowance stopping the stitching 1/4" from the first corner.  Fold the binding back and up to form a mitre as shown below. 

*  Fold the binding back down on itself as shown right, to form a fold about 1/4" above the edge of the blanket.  Start stitching again from the edge of the blanket in your 1/4" seam allowance.  Once folded out this will form your mitred corner.

*  Continue stitching the binding until you meet the folded end and cut the end off just past the fold as shown in photo below.

*  Fold the binding to the back of the blanket tucking under the folded edge.  Hand stitch to the seam line with a slip stitch.

*  Stitch down each mitred corner and the overlapped ends of the binding both vertically and on the seam line.

*  Give the blanket a good iron.  You're done! Insert a lovely card in the pocket before giving to your special little one. 

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