19 April 2013

It's a Small World...Too

If it appears I have gone potty for Raggedy Anne and Andy-I have!  A few years ago everything I made was out of terracotta pots.  I thought they were the cutest couple and I was not content with making them as soft toys, plus the pots are an inexpensive object to buy.  These  two are in my hallway on a table full of old toys, as you can see from the pics.  They are quite easy to make too.   If you would like a tutorial on how to make the happy couple - send me a comment.  I would love to hear from you!  For more of Raggedy Anne and Andy check out my Be Mine quilt.

The original doll had no face and was found in the attic of the illustrator Johnny Gruelle's 
grandparents.  He suggested to his daughter that they sew buttons on for eyes, a simple stitched mouth and red nose.  His daughter was often sick so he told her stories about Raggedy Anne to keep her entertained.  From this humble beginning, the charming dolls and books were born.   

Good Golly Miss Molly!  A small collection of knitted gollies from markets and garage sales.  I generally only buy those with smiling faces and knitted or handmade clothes.  My children would not play with them when they were younger-I could never work out why?!? the wild hair or googly eyes?  A friend gave me the book, a classic Enid Blyton.

I hope you enjoyed visiting my Small World. 

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