19 April 2013

It's a Small World...Too

If it appears I have gone potty for Raggedy Anne and Andy-I have!  A few years ago everything I made was out of terracotta pots.  I thought they were the cutest couple and I was not content with making them as soft toys, plus the pots are an inexpensive object to buy.  These  two are in my hallway on a table full of old toys, as you can see from the pics.  They are quite easy to make too.   If you would like a tutorial on how to make the happy couple - send me a comment.  I would love to hear from you!  For more of Raggedy Anne and Andy check out my Be Mine quilt.

The original doll had no face and was found in the attic of the illustrator Johnny Gruelle's 
grandparents.  He suggested to his daughter that they sew buttons on for eyes, a simple stitched mouth and red nose.  His daughter was often sick so he told her stories about Raggedy Anne to keep her entertained.  From this humble beginning, the charming dolls and books were born.   

Good Golly Miss Molly!  A small collection of knitted gollies from markets and garage sales.  I generally only buy those with smiling faces and knitted or handmade clothes.  My children would not play with them when they were younger-I could never work out why?!? the wild hair or googly eyes?  A friend gave me the book, a classic Enid Blyton.

I hope you enjoyed visiting my Small World. 

It's a Small World

I love anything vintage including children's toys, especially those that are handmade.  I think we should preserve such unique items from the past.  In addition, I have a storage issue-yes we live in an old house (70 years) old with lovely high and ornate ceilings, but with little or no in built storage.  I have solved the problem for my fabric fat quarters and also found the perfect doll house to revisit my childhood.  Please note:  I was not deprived of toys as a child!  It came from an antique shop in Chiltern, Victoria.  I love visiting out of the way places and small historical towns, you just never know what you are going to find!  The main street contained a very large and messy, but heavenly antique store.  The house came complete with plastic furniture and looks from the the fifties or sixties.  It sits on top of my craft cupboard next to my other pride and joy, a 1940's clothesline complete with old socks, wooden clothes pegs, mini quilts and a wooden iron and ironing board.  I thought the socks were an essential touch!

The mini quilts are my designs and good fun to make instead of struggling to quilt a larger project sometimes.  Hope you like them!  They are a great way to try out a new technique such as the prairie points on the pineapple one.

More sweet little things.  Miniature wooden ten pins were very expensive-I don't really want to state how much but I just had to have them!  Little pink horse is adorable and stands guard at the front of the house.
Hope you enjoyed a look into my little world!

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood."

10 April 2013

Flea Market Fancy

I have been having some minor computer problems of late - is there a "No, you can't go on the internet today" fairy out there?!  For something that is supposed to make life easy, computers can be awfully troublesome hence this late post after a break!

We enjoyed a lovely trip to Mill Markets in Daylesford last weekend which was a great chance to browse to our hearts content at a favorite location, one of the prettiest towns in Victoria.  The market is housed in an old high school building and contains ? a hundred or more stalls of the most interesting and sometimes quirky vintage.  Love the cafe which has a warm wood heater going during winter and lovely mismatched chairs and sofas to relax on and take a load of your feet!  Will I never learn to wear sneakers when shopping for antiques, the sensible shoe area of the brain seems to be lacking sometimes!   Hope you enjoy these lovely pics of the goodies I bought. 

 There truly must be angels somewhere!  These gorgeous two were found in perfect condition I think from the 50's or 60's judging by their hair styles and a bargain for $20.  They are actually candle holders but much too gorgeous to put away until Christmas.  I fell in love with his freckles and her hair!

Found this lovely hand embroidered tablecloth of tiny daisies stitched close together to form the umbrellas.  I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to find this in perfect condition without a mark.  The photos really don't do the daisies justice!

Six twisted stem wine glasses for $20 - another bargain!  Loved the gold trim around the edges, very elegant.  I have been looking for some depression glass green to add to my collection of pink cake plates so this is the start of the collection.  A nice sandwich size for little nibblies or slice. Very Sunday afternoon tea I thought with the umbrella cloth!

A collection of doilies, retro fabric and vintage frames for some new craft projects coming up.  You can never have too many doilies!  Vintage frames are very easy to find, usually very cheap and have some nice trimming or a bit of character (wear)!  The only  draw back is you have to make the project to fit the frame and not the frame to fit the project!

 A very cute cupie doll with the most gorgeous blue eyes and soft body.  I'm not sure if I was drawn to the polka dots and bow or her sweet face of rubber.  I have added her to my collection of antique toys

 Hello, I am the bargain of the century!  
Found amongst some dusty tools and ornaments-I have a great shape, my legs and arms are to die for and I have aged with style!  What more could you want for $160?!  It took some sweat and tears but I happily came home with you in the back seat of the car! 

9 April 2013

Shades of Autumn

I am welcoming some luscious green and color in the garden after the heat of summer.  I think these photos really speak for themselves.  The last one is of the Goulburn River on a late afternoon walk.

1 April 2013

Vintage Pram Blanket

Create an heirloom gift from a piece of woollen blanket and doileys from your vintage store !

Finished blanket measurement: 25 1/4" x 26 1/2" (can be made any size). 

You will need: 

A piece of pure wool blanketing 
Selection of doileys including two round shaped doileys for pockets (will be folded in half to form half circle)
Flannelette for backing fabric-cut to fit 1 1/2" larger around all sides of the woollen blanket
Contrast pre-made cotton binding (3/4" wide off the roll-enough to fit around all four sides of the finished quilt top and to allow for mitred corners)
No.8 Perle embroidery thread
Safety pins or quilting pins
Walking foot to fit your sewing machine for quilting
Free motion quilting foot

How to make it:

*  Trim your piece of blanketing of any crooked edges to "square it up."  It is best to do this prior to adding the doileys! 
*  Fold two of  your doileys in half to form pockets.  On one of the doileys stitch "For You" using the Perle thread and a back stitch.