24 March 2013

Time to create!

Hello everyone, I am having a brief break from blogging to make some new craft items for my upcoming +Etsy store and tutorials for this blog.  Having just finished a stint of night duty I am feeling a bit frazzled and need some "quiet time" to get some projects out of my head and make them a reality.  When you wake up at three in the morning and cannot get back to sleep because you have a great idea - it can be called an "affliction".  Drawing them in a notebook can get them out of your head-space and let you get back to sleep. Does anyone else have this problem sometimes?!

 A sneak peek at a new project.  Clue, lots of buttons, texture and a bit of stitching!  I am trying a new craft which is inspired by some of the great mixed media artists out there.  I love the magazine Somerset Sew available from http://www.stampington.com/magazines/.  It is full of unusual ideas to spark your creativity if you need some inspiration or want to try something new. 

Sorry about the angle of this photo!  Blogger insisted on uploading it sideways but I'm sure you get the basic idea.  Bit of a snippet using paint, free motion stitchery and applique.  Lots more soon.

Will be back after Easter !


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