7 March 2013

March Hares!

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Hello - welcome to March and a lovely pair of hares!  Meet Maude and Ralph, made from Rit dyed chenille bedspread.  This happy couple started off as a small sketch and both ended up the size of a six year old girl!  If you are going to make a hare/rabbit it mght as well be a BIG one!  I have decided to feature some projects from chenille and felt over the next couple of weeks.  Such a gorgeous combination of texture. Ralph was inspired by a fast hare hence the jodphurs and braces.  The top hat is felt and makes him look very debon-hare!  Maude has on a soft flannel dress and is wearing her ear bow-wanted her to look as feminine as possible.   These two took a while to make due to the sheer size but they ended up super cuddly.  Let me know what you think.

 I am featuring a tutorial on how to make the gorgeous heart balloon, lots of fun to make and will follow these posts. 

Mad Hares Tea Party

It does not have to be a mad hatters party but a mad hares.  Shown on our front verandah, I had fun setting these two up, must be the little girl in me coming out!  Check out the Caramel Swirl biscuits - to die for!

My feet are size 11 (inches) enormous!

This vest was so simple to make and I had to use felt, one of my favorite materials.  Sweet blooms are stitched on under the buttons, leaves straight stitched with a nice blanket stitch around the edge. 
Ralph's jodphurs, plenty of room for a running rabbit! 

Miss Maude as sweet as can be.  Their whiskers are from an old broom-I think they look pretty authentic and just threaded through the felt.  Her dress features a yoke and puffed sleeves.  

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