7 March 2013

Heart Balloon Tutorial


You will need:  

10" (25cm) calico
6" (15cm) diameter cram doiley
12" (30cm) dowel for stick
23" (60cm) x 3/8" (10mm) wide pink satin ribbon
Plaid Folk Art Acrylic paint - Dusty Rose and Pink
Glitter Glue - pink
Medium sized flat brush
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Chux cloth
Large needle and strong thread

Make it: 

*  Cut out two hearts from calico.  Stitch around the edges in a 1/4" seam (6mm), leaving the bottom open to insert the stick and stuffing. 
*  Clip curves, turn right side out and stuff firmly with Hobbyfill.  Leave approximately 1/2" (1.5 cm) free of stuffing at the bottom of the heart to insert the dowel.
*  Paint the heart with one coat of pink acrylic and allow to dry.  Paint with one coat of Dusty Rose and wipe off in some areas with a moist Chux cloth.  Allow to dry thoroughly. 
*  Paint with one coat of pink glitter glue.  Allow to dry.  
*  Work large gathering stitches around the bottom edge of the fabric heart and insert the end of the dowel.  Pull up the threads tightly to secure the heart and tie thread in a firm knot. 
*  Make a small hole with scissors in the doiley centre to thread the dowel through.  Hot glue doily to the base of the heart and the back of the heart so it stands up.  
*  Tie the length of pink ribbon in a bow around the base of the doiley.  Hot glue the ribbon tails once or twice to the stick so they don't hang down too far. 

You're done!

Click on image to open pattern at correct size.  x Wendy


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