7 March 2013

Big Bunny Quilt

Copyright 2013 Heartworkz
 This has been my most popular quilt and featured as a project in +Patchwork and Stitching magazine (Vol 7 No.3).  It even made it to the cover!  Adorable cot sized quilt  featuring yet again BIG BUNNIES!  A little tip when appliqueing chenille- use a small pair of scissors to trim the fluffiness around the edge of the shape before stitching to the background.  It will make the job easier for your machine.  Using a wider and slightly longer than normal zig-zag stitch is a good idea, so have a practice first. Carol Hutchins of Shepparton again did a superb job of quilting this for me.  A very talented lady. 

Big bunny features
Fabric range from April Cornell 

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