24 March 2013

Time to create!

Hello everyone, I am having a brief break from blogging to make some new craft items for my upcoming +Etsy store and tutorials for this blog.  Having just finished a stint of night duty I am feeling a bit frazzled and need some "quiet time" to get some projects out of my head and make them a reality.  When you wake up at three in the morning and cannot get back to sleep because you have a great idea - it can be called an "affliction".  Drawing them in a notebook can get them out of your head-space and let you get back to sleep. Does anyone else have this problem sometimes?!

 A sneak peek at a new project.  Clue, lots of buttons, texture and a bit of stitching!  I am trying a new craft which is inspired by some of the great mixed media artists out there.  I love the magazine Somerset Sew available from http://www.stampington.com/magazines/.  It is full of unusual ideas to spark your creativity if you need some inspiration or want to try something new. 

Sorry about the angle of this photo!  Blogger insisted on uploading it sideways but I'm sure you get the basic idea.  Bit of a snippet using paint, free motion stitchery and applique.  Lots more soon.

Will be back after Easter !


16 March 2013

Flown the coop!

Copyright - Heartworkz 2013

Good Morning Sunshine table runner and tea cosy - a favorite project combining gorgeous felt, lovely fabrics, ric rac and little stitchery (not too much - want to get things finished reasonably quickly-Mrs Impatient!).
These quirky girls were fused and blanket stitched on each square prior to piecing together the fabric squares.  Lovely and soft!  My inspiration comes from my childhood on the farm chasing chickens, pinching eggs to make mud pies and occasionally plucking the poor soul who had been de-capitated by my father for Sunday lunch (the things farm kids have to do!). 

Book Nook

Copyright Heartworkz 2013

A great project especially now that the weather is better for cosy-ing up and stitching at night.  I always enjoys combining felt with some fabric.  This makes a great gift for someone who is a voracious reader!  Very easy to make with simple embroidery stitches to applique the felt pieces.  I would be lost without my glasses so had to include a soft case as well! 

Stitching on the inside pocket reads - "words are the voice of the heart." It is large enough to stash your favorite coffee table or "picture book" too. 

7 March 2013

March Hares!

Copyright Heartworkz 2013
Hello - welcome to March and a lovely pair of hares!  Meet Maude and Ralph, made from Rit dyed chenille bedspread.  This happy couple started off as a small sketch and both ended up the size of a six year old girl!  If you are going to make a hare/rabbit it mght as well be a BIG one!  I have decided to feature some projects from chenille and felt over the next couple of weeks.  Such a gorgeous combination of texture. Ralph was inspired by a fast hare hence the jodphurs and braces.  The top hat is felt and makes him look very debon-hare!  Maude has on a soft flannel dress and is wearing her ear bow-wanted her to look as feminine as possible.   These two took a while to make due to the sheer size but they ended up super cuddly.  Let me know what you think.

 I am featuring a tutorial on how to make the gorgeous heart balloon, lots of fun to make and will follow these posts. 

Mad Hares Tea Party

It does not have to be a mad hatters party but a mad hares.  Shown on our front verandah, I had fun setting these two up, must be the little girl in me coming out!  Check out the Caramel Swirl biscuits - to die for!

My feet are size 11 (inches) enormous!

This vest was so simple to make and I had to use felt, one of my favorite materials.  Sweet blooms are stitched on under the buttons, leaves straight stitched with a nice blanket stitch around the edge. 
Ralph's jodphurs, plenty of room for a running rabbit! 

Miss Maude as sweet as can be.  Their whiskers are from an old broom-I think they look pretty authentic and just threaded through the felt.  Her dress features a yoke and puffed sleeves.  

Heart Balloon Tutorial


You will need:  

10" (25cm) calico
6" (15cm) diameter cram doiley
12" (30cm) dowel for stick
23" (60cm) x 3/8" (10mm) wide pink satin ribbon
Plaid Folk Art Acrylic paint - Dusty Rose and Pink
Glitter Glue - pink
Medium sized flat brush
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Chux cloth
Large needle and strong thread

Big Bunny Quilt

Copyright 2013 Heartworkz
 This has been my most popular quilt and featured as a project in +Patchwork and Stitching magazine (Vol 7 No.3).  It even made it to the cover!  Adorable cot sized quilt  featuring yet again BIG BUNNIES!  A little tip when appliqueing chenille- use a small pair of scissors to trim the fluffiness around the edge of the shape before stitching to the background.  It will make the job easier for your machine.  Using a wider and slightly longer than normal zig-zag stitch is a good idea, so have a practice first. Carol Hutchins of Shepparton again did a superb job of quilting this for me.  A very talented lady. 

Big bunny features
Fabric range from April Cornell