24 February 2013

Summer Hues

Fresh as a daisy summer blue.  It is our summer here in Australia and nothing cools you down more than seeing a fresh blue in the garden.  Forget about cosy reds and yellows!  Think about this combination of delicious green and blues. 

Hydrangea Blue

A gathering of color

Aggies Pantha's 
 Aren't the colors of Nature amazing!  Settle on your color scheme, gather a few bits and bobs and off you go.  These colors inspired me to design the cool and pretty purple Butterfly Garden quilt shown below

Butterfly Garden Quilt top

I did not want to use a complicated design for this quilt as some of the fabrics were quite detailed and too gorgeous to cut up!  So I came up with the giant log cabin idea with occasional squares to break up the lines.  Completed with Madame Butterfly flitting across the top.  Not finished yet.  More pics coming soon. 


Book Nook

I am addicted to books.  There is no other word for it!  They have to be craft, quilting or home decorating with superb pics and off I go to the checkout with themI will be reviewing some of my favorite ones in this blog.  Enjoy!


Ryland, Peters & Small, London, 2012)

This book is an absolute feast for the eyes!  A grown ups picture book for anyone who loves crafting, vintage and decorating.  Lots of gorgeous photos and descriptions with great decorating ideasThese photos do not do it justice!   Imaginative ways to use quirky flea-market finds in  your home.  Not to be missed!

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