25 February 2013

Love Month

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 My "How Do I Love Thee" cushions with mini hearts were a joy to make and featured in an issue of Australian magazine Handmade.  Fabric used is lovely flannel with cream for the pocket in the first one.  Applique roses are in felt with felt scallops also.  Second cushion has flannel pocket with felt tabs.  Mini hearts are too cute and slip in the pocket for your honey to read! Stitching on mini hearts reads "Love your smile", Cutie Pie", "Sweetheart" and "You're my heart."

Sweet Hearts Picture Frame

Enjoy making this frame - slip in your own sweethearts.  These are my two boys aged 12 months and three years. 

You will need:
Wooden picture frame (mine measured 18.5cm x 18.5cm-but technique can be adapted to any size)
Spakfilla Rapid Set
Flat edged knife
Acrylic paint - Dusty pink, crimson, gold, white
Crackle medium
Sponge brush small/medium
Small paint brush for painting hearts
Heart stencil (sized to fit edge of frame, with a border around it or cut one out of template plastic)
Medium tip permanent marker
Black transfer paper
Cotton buds
Gloss spray sealer

How to make it:
·          Separate glass from the frame.  Apply two coats of gold acrylic and allow to dry thoroughly between coats. 
·         Apply a layer of crackle medium and allow to dry according to instructions on the bottle. 
·         Apply your dusty pink acrylic with a sponge brush and watch it crackle!  Loverly!
·         Allow to dry thoroughly. 
·         Place heart stencil in first corner position.  Hold in place with stencil tape.  Scoop out nice amount Spakfilla and spread over heart stencil. 
·         Don’t get it on surrounding areas.  If you make a mess wipe straight away with damp cloth. 
·         Gently lift up stencil.  Clean up edges around heart with a moist cotton bud.  Repeat for remaining three hearts. 
·         Allow to dry to hard for approximately one to two days. 
·         Paint first heart with a crimson paint.  You will need two coats.  Add a tiny bit of white paint to crimson to make lighter.  Paint second heart. 
·         Add white again to paint third and final heart.  You should have four different shades of hearts.  Allow paint to dry well. 
·         Trace lettering from pattern sheet onto white paper.  (You may have to enlarge/reduce  to fit the edge of your frame if need be). 
·         Place transfer paper with traced lettering on top in position on frame edge.  Trace firmly with a pencil to transfer lettering. 
·         Write over lettering with permanent marker.  Allow to dry at least 24 hours. 
·         Spray with lightly with gloss sealer.  Insert glass and picture. 
·         You’re done!

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